Birds & Bees & Crawly Things It's a small, small world in the spring in Central Texas

Spring. It's a small, small world in Central Texas. But beautiful. The prettiest time of the year. If you want to see action, look down. Butterflies collecting pollen from our beautiful Texas wildflowers. Birds collecting bugs to feed their young. Bugs working the flowers for sustenance to raise another generation of bugs. A symbiotic cycle that turns each spring.

Bugs. Scary, Halloween looking creatures that love milkweed. Harmless, I would guess, but I'm not going to touch one. Stuff for nightmares as far as I'm concerned.

But milkweed seems to be one of the more useful food sources around. Bees love it. Bugs devour its nectar. And butterflies depend on the beautiful plant. In fact, the majestic Monarch butterfly would not be able to complete its annual migration from Mexico and back without this important food source.
And then the dragonfly. Ferocious looking. Intimidating. But harmless. Still, there is satisfaction when a dragonfly hovers over the water. A big kerplush, a swirl of water and a hungry bass has a good breakfast. The cycle of life continues.
Fact is, there's a billion bugs in Texas. Look into most any wildflower and it will be crawling with life. Bugs taking nourishment from the flowers. The flowers getting pollinated from the bugs. And life cycle continues. But don't forget the birds.

I love birds. The scissortail flycatcher, especially. Lots of them at my granddad's farm in East Texas. We'd watch them feed and listen to their beautiful music each evening when we wrapped up the day.

Lots of redwing blackbirds at the Waco Wetlands. They have a very distinctive trill that is lovely to listen to. Love is in the air!

And finally, what I think are juvenile mockingbirds. I may be wrong, but this is my guess.

I hope you enjoyed this journey half as much as I loved taking it. Get out and enjoy natural Texas. it's all around us. Easy to find. And how good we take care of her will largely determine our satisfaction with our lives in the future. Take a hike today!
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Michael Wayne Barnett


Photos by Michael Wayne Barnett

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