Lillian's Little Cycle A little water drop takes path of the water cycle

Written by:Zeza Swartz
Pictures edited by: Zeza Swartz
There once was a little water droplet, and her mom who went through a long journey, this is their story...

“Lillian!” mom called out.

“Yes mom?” Lillian the little water drop answered.

“Time to go!”


“To the lake, that's called groundwater flow.”


As the two water drops went to the lake, they were expecting to go back home to the groundwater, but they flowed down through the river and into the ocean. The ocean was a blue, galaxy of wonder, it was a the most beautiful blue ocean Lillian and her mom had ever seen!

"Mom I kind of like it here in this big, beautiful, blue, ocean of wonder" Lillian exclaimed "Mom the salt water of this ocean smells funny."

"Well the Atlantic Ocean does smell a little funny, but it looks like we have no choice, nature brought us here, and from the looks of it, there is NO way out, unless we take the chance of being evaporated, and if we get evaporated we could get seperated!" The mom replied sounding panicked and worried.

Lillian and her mom stayed in the ocean for many years accumulating, until...

Little Lillian rose from the surface and headed into the clouds, that's called evaporation.

"Ahh, I'm being condensed nooo." Lillian called out.

"No Lillian you're being evaporated." The mom called after Lillian about to cry.

"NOOO!!!!" "MMOOOOOMM!!!!" Lillian yelled back hoping to scare off whatever was pulling her up, but she just kept rising and rising.

Lillian rose into the clouds, she was as high as Mount Everest. The clouds smelled like a over-sweetened batch of cotton candy, but it felt like a cuddly cloud that meant no harm to her.

Lillian started to stab the clouds as hard as she could, even though she didn't want to, but she HAD to get home, or at least back with her mom. She stabbed and stabbed until the cloud yelled "OUCH", then she heard a SWOOSH, as the cloud cried and water poured out. That's called precipitation, or rain.

Lillian was so happy, the crying cloud precipitated Lillian back into the ocean, then she realized she was with her mom again. Being there, she could accumulate back in the ocean, then do it all over again, but next time with her mom.

"Hey mom."

"Yes Lillian?"

"I want to do that all over again, but with you."

"Okay now don't get overwhelmed, why don't you tell me ALL about your trip when you go to bed, then I will decide if that's something me and you could do."


The end, but don't think they lived happily ever after, that doesn't exist in this story, only in fairytales.
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Lillian's little cycle by: Zeza Swartz
Created By
Zeza Swartz

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