Milieu of Chapters 1&2 By: Israel, nigel, and cole

Milieu of Chapter 1

The world with nature is calm, loving, and peaceful. It has nice water and exotic wildlife. Bunnies jump around and deers explore what's around them. “On the valley side the water is lined with trees--willows fresh and green with every spring.” When it comes to the man, they forget their own strength. Man will destroy and maybe it's not intentional, but that does not matter because nature is beautiful without man. “I could pet it with my thumb while we walked along,” Lennie explained why he had the dead mouse. Not knowing his own strength he killed the mouse thinking he was “petting” him.

Milieu of Chapter 2

There was a long rectangular wooden structure that houses those who work. There were four walls and only a couple of widows to look through and see the beauties of the world around them. The inside was lined with 12 bunkbeds, only 8 of them being set up to be used. Only two shelves housed the items of the working men, with a “black cast-iron stove”(Steinbeck pg17) to feed the many people that lived within the belly of the wood cabin that kept everyone say during the night.

Contrasting the Milieu of Chapter 1 & 2

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