Cars by jonathan b.

Today you're going to learn about how you jump start your car,change your tires ,charging your battery and learn to driving Driving is one of the most useful skills in the world.

Your Day Goes All Wrong

Your car can have a flat tire at any minute. What do you do? You put on the spare tire, but how do you put spare on? Well, I’m going to tell you. First, you jack up the car. Then, make sure the car is stable so the car will not fall. Next, you get the spare ready to be put on your car. That is all about changing your tire

When your day takes the wrong path!

Your car won’t start what do you do?Well I’m gonna tell you step one you call someone with jumper cables. Step two you wait for someone to show up.Then you you hook up then you hook up the jumper cables. Lastly let the car sit for a minute then start the car.

When you are learning to drive.

When you learning to need to know how to start the car so first you put the key ignition, then you need to put the car in drive, finely you slowly press the small petal.

When you're charging your battery

When you're charging your car battery. you need to have battery charger

This is some skills you will need in the future.


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