Chad Jones Auyuittuq National Park of Canada

DAY 1, Day 1 we got up for breakfast and we had eggs bacon and walffles it was yummy and then we got dressed for the day. Then we where off. Then we walked from are cabin to the main lodge to the Maputo see what we could do so me and my family decided that we would go hiking today, we would hike half way up of mount Thor

Mount Thor

When we got back from mount Thor. We went to are cabin and ate lunch which was just sandwiches and when we done with lunch we took a long nap then we went fishing but that didn't go to well my sister got pulled in my dad got u huck in is finger and my mom was scared of the fish that we call and my little sister was crying so we went back to are cabin and went to bed

Day 2, Day 2 we where going to go on a boat to see if we could see whales we found a park guide to take us on the boat but. But sadly we saw no whales and we where really up seat about that so when we got back to are cabin we ate lunch my mom made her best meal ever be had burgers and fries after we where done we went to the pool at the lodge and we were there for about 2 hour and the we went out to eat at Moes and when we got back to the cabin we went to bed

Day,3 day 3 was are last day which was really sad so my family decided we were going to snowmobileing which was going to be a lot of fun know that we had not done something like that before. But the bad part was that there was a 2 hour long safety corce about it so we went through that and we went to have fun the snowmobileing was a lot of fun but when it was over we had to go home. I had a really good time at the park and could not want to go back


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