Syrian Civil War Conflict and Analysis

The history of the Syrian Civil War

The Sryian Civil War was started by people protesting about the Syrian government. "Starting in December 2010 and contiuning through the spring of 2011, anti-government demonstrations across the Arab world brought sudden and sweeping changes to the political landscape of the Middle East ("Syrian Civil Unrest")." The changes were caused by the leader in charge stepped down from the posistion and his son took over. With the prtesting it got more and more violent which got so bad it lead to war. “As of May 2016, some officials estimated that as many as 400,000 people had been killed in the conflict, over 4 million had fled the country, and 7.6 million had been forced from their homes but remained within Syria (“Syrian Civil Unrest”).” In May of 2016, it was estimated that as many as 400,000 people had been killed in the conflict. Also, over 4 million people had left the country and a little more than 7 and a halm million had been forced out of their homes. Putin of Russia said that he would be taking some of his troops out of the country but as reports a few weeks later stated that he had only pulled a hand ful. There were still a ton of his troops still fighting.

Who's Involved?

There are many countries who are involved in the Syrian Civil War. Russia is pretty involved as well as the IS State. The United States also playes a huge role in this war. There are many other countries who are involved with the Syrian Civil War. A quote from an article we read, “Russian President Vladimir Putin has established a renewed Middle East foothold after watching for years as the United States called shots in the region. Last September, after showering arms, advisers, and economic assistance on President Bashar Assad to insufficient effect, Putin sent his air force to pound the Syrian government's opponents (“Syrian civil war: Five ways the conflict has changed the world”)."

Some Effects both Inside and Out of the Country

Some effects that have been caused by the conflict is that millions of people were dying, leaving teh country and lots of people were being forced out of their homes. With the Paris attacks that occured in November if 2016, Donald Trump of the United States has made laws to say that no one is allowed into the country. Another is that there were sucide bombs that went off during a peace rally that killed a little over 100 people and injured hundreds.

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