The train ride by Tarik assaf

Once we arrived we settled and got a hotel for my interview in a couple hours. So once I got into my room I relaxed from all the loudness on the train because it was full and that gave me a headache. I was really tired so I took a nap on the couch. When I got up my mom wasn't there I didn't worry because I knew she had a meeting she told me on the train. She had a meeting with the president at the white house as she was applying for a job there. I didn't worry. I just stayed home, made a snack and put the TV on and relaxed. I remembered her telling me she was going to be there for the rest of the day. It was only 12:00! I had a long day ahead of me. After a few hours of TV, I decided to shut it off. I grabbed my laptop, went online and ordered a basketball ticket for the Washington Wizards vs. Golden state Warriors which was in an hour. Went it came time to pay, I realized I needed a credit card. Just my luck, my mom had forgotten her purse. I reached inside, grabbed the card and typed the number. The ticket came up to eighty two dollars! I hope my mom won't mind. The game was in half hour. I needed to change my clothes and get out the door. But first I filled my pockets with snacks and mom's wallet, just in case! He got to the game ten minutes early. He had just enough time to find his seat and get comfy.

Once his mom was done her interview, she hurried home and Tee wasn't there. She got worried. After calling around and no one knew where her son was, she had no choice but to call the police. Frantic on the phone, she explained that she was out for an interview and came home to find her son was gone. The policeman came over in his cruiser to ask a few more questions before they began their search. The time was now 4 p.m. Tee was on his way home, but first a stop at the gas station to grab a snack for the bus ride. He got home and thought it was strange his mom still wasn't home. He thought that seemed odd. Meanwhile, she was searching for his whereabouts. Tee made a sandwich and crawled into bed. As I was settling under my covers, I seen a bright light through the window. I was mom and a police officer walking up the walkway. Tee looked at her innocently and said "mom I was just at a basketball game!" I was so worried about you. She was happy her son was okay!


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