ELA A10 Nat St 10 Mrs. Lucyshyn

Welcome to ELA A10/Nat St 10! We are going to learn a lot this block! We will begin by discovering who we are as individuals; then begin to dive into our histories where we will learn from our foundational stories in order to make sense of life by examining our past, understanding our present and envisioning our future.

You have the opportunity to earn 2 credits in one block! The ELA outcomes will be met through the content of Native Studies 10. Through our ELA projects, we will be meeting the following outcomes of Native Studies 10:

NIN 10.1 - Analyze the functions of family and community

NIN 10.2 - Investigate the emergence and development of the Metis Nation

NIN 10.3 - Assess the impact of residential schools and the process of reconsilliation

NDR 10.1 - Examine the history, nature and effects of social injustice on Aboriginal peoples

NDR 10.2 - Explore Aboriginal worldview and traditions

NDR 10.3 - Examine the relationship between Aboriginal narratives and worldview

NPA 10.1 - Examine the political processes and structures of Aboriginal peoples

NPA 10.2 - Examine the impact of government policy on Aboriginal peoples

NPA 10.3 - Analyze the relationships of Aboriginal people with the land, environment, and newcomers

NRW 10.1 - Examine traditional Aboriginal economies

NRW 10.2 - Analyze the impact of European contact on Aboriginal economies

NRW 10.3 - Investigate the nature of Aboriginal involvement in the Canadian economy


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