What are the activities you do in your free time outside? This will be about what hobbies you love to do!

My Research

My research is about what hobbies you like to do outside. I chose this topic because I would like to see what are the most popular/ fun things to do in my middle school while you are outside!

The Purpose

The purpose of my research is to find out the most popular things to do outside are. So my question for the research is, What are the activities you do in your free time?

Sample group info

To find out the answers for this survey I had nine people answer it, they were all in my google basics class so they were in 7th grade. Six of the people who answered it were girls, and three of them were boys.

How many students were 7th graders
What the genders were. (blue girls red boys)


My expectations for this survey were that most people like playing sports and hang with friends. The results were kind of half and half, some people would rather hang out with family/ sibilings or no one, and some people didn't like sports at all

Who they hang out with the most

Surprising results

The most surprising findings I had were that some people would rather hang out alone than with anyone, or instead of playing sports or games or walking around they would just sit and relax. I also got some responses where people were barley outside.

how much you go outside (1 least 5 most)

What I found out

I found out that middle schoolers like to do lots of different things! I got a lot of responses where people would rather run/walk around than play sports. When they are outside they are mostly out for 20-30 minutes. The most popular things people like to do sports wise were basketball and soccer.

How long they are outside

What I would change

What I would want to add/change with my survey is to add more questions to see what else middle schoolers like to do. I would also more of a variety of things because some questions a lot of people picked other.


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