Body Cast Challenge by: Kyrstin De Vance, Peyton Benz, Serena Brown, Lauren Sutton

Device Description: First a person pushes down on the end of a spoon. This pushes the golf ball down the ramp and the ball pushes down the dominoes which knock into the car with a nail on the front which rolls and pops the balloon.

This is a birds eye view blueprint which shows the different simple machines and how our project works.
We made a ramp by propping up a tissue box on a bin so the golf ball slides down easily.
When the dominoes fall down, it will hit the car, driving the car into a blown up balloon.

Glows and Grows: Grows (What were the hardest parts and the parts that didn’t work) - The hardest parts were getting the balloon to actually pop and positioning it right. Glows (What were the best parts and the parts that worked well) - When problems came up we all worked together well to create a solution.

Group Process: Kyrstin worked on the website and took the pictures and videos. Serena worked on the blueprint and was responsible for bringing in the supplies every day. Lauren and Peyton worked on building the model and adjusting it so it works properly.


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