The Good Life Nature Activity at The FLMNH Emily Miller

Frog Exhibit (three frogs located on the tree branch above my head)

Nature on Display

I found one of the most interesting displays at the Florida Museum of Natural History to be the frog exhibit. Although frogs gross me out, they are everywhere in Florida so learning about their importance to the ecosystem has helped me to tolerate their presence. I found the design of the exhibit particularly appealing because the dim lights coming from above made your eyes immediately attracted to the brightly lit and colorful displays. Each display consisted of a different species of frog along with a fact about them. One of the things I learned by going to this exhibit is how diverse each frog species is. You don't realize just how different each one is until you look at them through your own eyes and see the different colors, sizes and features. This experience was so enjoyable because the information was presented in a fun way, making it so I was learning facts I didn't know before without it feeling like a chore.

Inside the Butterfly Garden

Nature and Ethics

The Florida Museum of Natural History provided me with the opportunity to experience nature in the way Leopold recommends through the butterfly exhibit. The butterfly exhibit allows one to fully emerge themselves in a closed ecosystem with multiple species of butterflies that are most likely very difficult to find in nature by itself. As I walked through the exhibit, I felt connected to the nature because of the abundance of plant and animal life in the area. It seemed as if all the visitors in the garden were intrigued in the same way as they were taking pictures of the butterflies and the unique patterns on their wings. The trip to the museum did instill a sense of ethical responsibility, as discussed by Leopold, because it got me to appreciate nature and understand we need to take steps to preserve it to our best ability.

Picture with a Columbian Mammoth

Nature and the Human Spirit

The Florida Museum of Natural History allows us to step out of daily lives into the mystery and majesty of the universe by displaying numerous amounts of extinct creatures. The only way to view these extinct creatures is by looking at their fossils. These fossils allow us to visualize what these creatures looked like and make assumptions about what they ate, how they moved and the overall lives of the creatures. Fossils are important for us to understand the world before us and the museum does a good job broadcasting this throughout their exhibits.

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