My Experience with The Devine:A Play For Sarah Bernhardt Made by: lauren rose

The Spatial Experience

To begin my experience at The Divine, I was introduced to Constans Theatre. I have never been there before, so it was interesting to see the layout of the the theatre. I really enjoyed the convience of the theatre being in a such a common hub of students, like the Rietz. It made it very accessible, and I didn't need to scramble for motor transportation. While walking into the theater, the waiting room is very bland, but it has these art pieces that seem to be very out of place and unrelated. Also there was no seating for waiting, which I thought was uncomfortable. Once we entered the theatre, I noticed it held a lot more seats then i had originally imagined. My friends and I sat towards the front in the middle which was very advantageous to my view. This allowed me to be fully envied in the play and kept from distraction during it. I got there rather early so it felt rather long waiting for the play to start but they began their effects before the play which allowed everyone to chatter about it before the play stated. I thought that might have been a clever tool for the audience to discuss their anticipations before it began. When the lights dimmed I became comfortable because the bright light in the Constans Theatre made it seem very large and hovering. New places are key to the good life because it provides wonder and achievement which support the good feelings that come along with it.

The Art Work in the Lobby

The Social Experience

I went to the play with tow of my sorority sisters. We got ready after dinner together at the house and it was quite quickly. Our time between mandatory dinner and the play was 30 minutes so we had a bit of a time crunch between the two for scheduling. We ended up running across campus in order to make it in time. It was quire entertaining because all three of us get along rlly well and could not stop laughing we arrived. This experience was new for all three of us so sit was nice to go with familiar faces. Another advantage of bringing friends was being able to discuss the acts after with hem. We all experienced it in different ways so it was interesting to hear the different opinions. this play was very ambiguous and implied so it left room for different interpretations which was very noticeable in a discussion between a group of people. The social experience is key to the good life because it allows learning from different perspective and gives you a sense of belongingness which aids in the happiness aspect.

A Photo of Me Outside the Theatre

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience

The play was in a different time period, so it allowed us to relate the different conditions to our life and learn from them. The different economic standards, and gender roles of the time period was also enlightening to someone who is not familiar with those topics. This play gave an insight on how different it was back then. Many people forget the progress we have made as a community and the negative things that have came along as well. Being able to compare and contrast is an important aspect of seeing theatre in different time periods. Before seeing the play i really did not know anything about the plot so the topic was a large surprise to me. I think the play may have sparked thinking about those type of issues in my mind for the first time because th plot was so abrupt and obvious. I think the concept of shame in the film reminded of the different standards of the time period. In today's society standard of are and justice are a lot different and more people will say their feelings or opinions rather than keep them repressed, so that difference was intriguing to see. One aspect that really struck home with me was the repetition of children's deaths. This concept was to support and show the child labor laws would soon come in effect and i think this method of tragedy really helped in representing how traumatic this problem was before the laws came into effect. i really had little knowledge about those law so these events were clarifying for me. Overall, the play really enlightened me about that happened in that era and it allowed me to see another perspective which was helpful to keep an open mind when learning about different time periods.

The Box in the Lobby

The Emotional Experience

I think The Divine provides a "coming clean" or Katharsis effect by making people think about the issues that are highlighted in the play. Not everyone has opinions about these topics and this might be the first time they will form opinions, or they could have prior opinions and they could change with a different perspective. This play gave an interesting approach about taking advantage of youth, child labor, women's right, theater's role in people's lives and religion. These issues are brought up and opinions are interchanged based on reacting to this play. The play will try to shape the audience's perspective or opinion and bring up topics that are not usually discussed in order to make change. This ply plans to start discussions about material that makes society uncomfortable in order to inflict thinking about solutions to our discrimination or ignorance. This push into talking about prominent issues encourages us to move closer to the good life as it inspires us to grow as a society and to fix problems that are evident and that hinder us.

The Play Bill Cover
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