Sumehra darafzin Welcome to banladesh... my familY's culture

My name is Sumehra Darafzin.


That is a picture of mE

Atlanta georgia

I was born in Georgia, U.S.A

U.S.A flag

The U.S.A flag

Bangladeshi flag

That is the bangladeshi flag.

This is a map of Bangladesh. My parents were born here. My parents were born in the city khulna

The reason we came to USA is that my parents wanted better jobs and wanted me to have Good education.

Me and my mom

This is my grandma. She lives in DHaka, bangladesh.

My favorite food from Bangladesh.


These are samosas. Samosas are spicy and are filled with vegtables.but good.

Gulab jamn

GUlab jamn is a sweet. I love it. It's a dessert. It is red in the inside. Gulab jamn Is soft. Gulab jamn can come in diFferent colOrs. Those colors are light brown and brown.


Jalebi is a dessert. It is crunchy and sweet. Jalebi come in different colOrs( red, orange, yellow, Yellow orange, and reddish orange). Inside it is liquidy.


Paratha is bread that people eat with a lot of things. I mostly eat paratha in breakfast time. But peoplE sometimes eat paratha at lunchtime.

Sugi halva

Sugi halva some times has almonds or raisons. My mom makes sugI halVa with raisOns. Sugi halva is kind of like pudding but thicker. I love to have sugi halva with a poreta. Sugi halva is A dessert.

Roso gala

Roso gala is a dessert too. Roso gala is smaLl and are made with milk. Roso gala is white. It is really tasty.

Yellow rice

That is yellOw rice. Yellow rice is( of course ) yellow. Some people put kechup on the yellow rice. I love yellow rice with chicken.

Mango lassi

The Drink above is called mango lassi. People sometimEs put wip cream, mint, FRuit, and cAndy. Mango lassi is sweet and made with mangos. I like mango lassi with wip cream on top.

Chicken tikka

The chicken above is called chicken tikka. Chicken tikka is spicy. But i sTill Like it. ChickeN tikka is kind of like fried chicken, but It Is juicy.


Luchi is bread that has oil on top. Luchi is shaped like a circle. Inside there is air.

What I speak!

Bangla letters

ThiS is the bangla letters.I speak bangla at home. There are AboUt 46 leTters Not counting the vowels.


Thank you for learning about my favorite foods, language, and my family !

I hope you visit Bangladesh!


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