Idil Erturk

I have been to all of these places, even though I went to Paris when I was two.
My sister and I, we will love each other no matter what.
I also love to read. I have read all of these books, and loved all of them and others.


Created with images by karla31 - "sunset evening sky afterglow" • Pexels - "ancient architecture assembly" • Unsplash - "manhattan empire state building new york city" • halidox - "turkey istanbul blue" • DomyD - "italy rome trevi fountain" • Unsplash - "eiffel tower paris cityscape" • anielbaez0 - "metropolitan museum of art nyc new york" • Martijn_0716 - "paris louvre mona lisa" • falco - "istanbul turkey bosphorus" • Comfreak - "book writer read"

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