Milliman Inc. Kristen Sparrow

Introduction to the Company

  • Founded in 1947 by Wendell Milliman and Stuart Robertson
  • One of the largest actuarial consulting firms in the world
  • Revenues of more than $800 million in the year 2014
Current CEO Stephen White

What milliman does

  • General Financial Services
  • Risk Management
  • Insurance
  • Healthcare
  • Employee Benefits and Pension Planning

Milliman and the government

  • Provides services to government agencies
  • Tracks and analyzes regulatory impacts on retirement, health, and compensation programs
  • Speaks on behalf of legislative committees to explain the financial impact of proposed regulation
Annual Milliman Medical Index (MMI)

WHY milliman?

  • Client Communication
  • Exposure to wide range of financial industries
  • Leadership development through project participation


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