Barceloneta belongings From days of happy drifting in the sands of The Barceloneta beach in Barcelona, Spain ⎪ Feb 2017

This beach belongs. You see it in all forms: the surfers and paddle boarders, the old gents playing crab, lycra wearing runners chasing back wind stretches with few pedestrians and intersections with more forgiving, soft dirt surfaces. They all come back. To the beach of Barceloneta.

Regardless of the weather there are busy tourists and vexed regulars, lovers in dual company or loners in solitude seeking a meditational spot somewhere in these 4 kms of bustling Mediterranean city beach.


Pronounced from their movement, all these people have engagements; places to be and tasks to tick off that to do list, be it postponed or fulfilled by this very visit to the sunny beach near the ever mood changing, light reflecting ocean. They belong. Right now to this remarkable stretch of land where city meets sea, where a cultural hotspot meets undeniable nature.


All of this make it close to heaven for a nosy guy like me. So much intentionality; you can just freely move along with the current, float and, once in a while try recording some of it, exchanging a wave and smile here and there, without interrupting people too much from their leisure or business.

As you go, your ears pick up a bit of the conversation, maybe even of your own tongue once in a while. Wave lengths of the ocean also eat words, but they leave fragments there, demanding your creative interpretation.


You can zigzag through sand clusters of people here, picking up raying joys of summer and seas of forgotten teardrops. For a while.

Until that big life boat comes, sailing you home for your own activities and belongings. Until the next parentheses in life belongs to Barcelona. It all begins and ends on the beach.

I caught the Barcelona flu! I wrote a longer photo blog post about it too

More images from my trip to Barcelona on my Flickr and other social media. Feel free to connect with me here

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