Hello, It's me First things first, I'm the REALEST

About me?

Hello, it's me, Sevde. My background is Turkish. I love to play soccer and all types of sports. I cant draw and i cant sing. I have 2 other siblings. I have a mother and a father. I like to prank people and joke around. If i could be anything in this world, I would become the president. I want to become a professional yo-yo player. I practiced enough to master the walking dog. I really want to be a professional rollerblader. I have some skills in rollerblading but not enough to stop. I like to search up random facts and apparently banging your head against a wall burns 150 calories an hour. I would personally try that if only it was safe.

Movies I love!

First of all, hands down to my favorite comedian and actor Kevin Hart. With Dwayne Johnson, they both made me laugh and have fun while watching it. It was a crime and action genre.

This movie was so colorful and powerful. They had so many positive messages in the movie. This movie i can definitely watch over and over again.

This movie was so exciting! My sister and I went crazy for this movie for some reason and the ending was absolutely joyful.

My favorite books!

These books were amazing! I love the Nine lives of Chloe King. The rest of the books are from Kelley Armstrong and her series are so nice that i have read them more than once. First The Summoning, then The Awakening, then The Reckoning!! Armstrong had me so hooked to the the series the whole time.

Favorite hobbies and sports!

I love to play soccer with my friends and most of all, with my team. It's what i like to do with my free time.

Eating is the best thing to do! Honestly if you're mad or sad or happy the solution leads to eating.

My hobby to dance is so much fun to do with my friends or myself.

Playing yo-yo is hard unless you master it. That's my goal. My hobby in trying to perfect my yo-yo tricks are a challenge i have to overcome. Plus I love to listen to music and just relax in the music's grove.

These are the other sports i like to play. Rugby is aggressive and i like to play in this competitive rough sport. Football is fun and a bit different then Rugby. For football i can pass it in any direction while in Rugby The pass has to be behind you. Swimming is so soothing and a different sensation.



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