Penguins have some pretty unusual adaptations in my opinion. But, they also have cool ones too. If you want to learn about what they are then continue reading.


For those who don't know, penguins live in the Southern Hemisphere. The southern hemisphere is all of Antarctica, some of Africa, all of Australia, most of South America, and part of Asia. You can tell that it might be cold.

Predators and Prey

Some predators that are extremely dangerous for penguins like Seals, and Killer Whales. But, what penguins love to eat the most are krill (a type of shrimp), fish, and squid. It captures its prey with its fast moving body.


Penguins escape from their predators by using there curved wings. Their wings help them swim up to almost 45 miles per hour. They also have thick skin which is almost like blubber which helps them absorb heat. Penguins also communicate with each other by putting on displays.


Penguins have pretty cool adaptations that help them survive from predators and the weather. Those are some reasons why I chose the penguin.


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