Ragnarök Doom of the Gods

Ragnarök is the name for the Norse end of the world. "Ragnarök" is a play on words, as "Ragnarøkkr", "The Twilight of the Gods", is pronounced almost the same.

According to legend, prophecies and dreams have long foretold the stories of the fall of the cosmos and the gods. Asgard would fall, the realms of the world would be destroyed, and Earth would sink into the ocean. Heimdall, the gatekeeper of Asgard, will sound his trumpet to announce doomsday.

The first of these prophecies would come to pass when Loki killed Baldur, the beloved god of Asgard. He was sent to the underworld, and the gods realized they could no longer avoid Ragnarök any longer. Odin took a good amount of time collecting the bravest human warriors to battle against the giants, but all knew the fight would all be in vain.

Fenrir the wolf, created by Loki, will break free and consume the world, his jaws reaching the bottom and tops of Midgard. The Midgard Serpent will arrive, his poisonous breath decimating people and land alike. Surt, the giant of fire, will scorch the earth. All the heroes of Valhalla will come together to defend against the giants, the monsters, and Loki. The sons of Fenrir will devour the sun and the moon.

Fenrir will devour Odin and Tyr, then he will be killed by Odin's son, Vidar. Thor will kill the Midgard Serpent, take nine paces, and succumb to the poison. Surt will battle Frey, killing him. Loki, riding in on the Ship of the Dead made of finger and toenails, will fall in a fight against Heimdall, but not before striking the killing blow on Heimdall as well. The great battle will end when Surt envelops the entire world in fire before it sinks into the sea.

After the end, the Alfadur will arrive and recreate the world, the humans, the gods, and the monsters. The circle will begin, the new gods awaiting Ragnarök once again.

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