The mars water collection challenge Beau williams

Using an operator controlled robot, students must maneuver a bot to collect a water bottle, place into a container and return the bottle and container to base camp.

Think last friday we had to figure out a way to make our bot be able to get over the ramp and today we will continue to work on that once we get that to work we will work on a simple claw for the bot.

Think today i am going to Finish the drive train even though it is like the worst design ever. Front wheel stability is an issue. Because there are only two support beams it is very wobbly. i might even have to redesign the whole thing again if it doesn't work.

Today we are going to be working on the rest of the designs and working out how to make the motors work again and how to fix the gear ratio somehow. Once we get the wheels turning again we can get the claw on the bot and figure that our. I

Today we finished the drive train and the claw on the mars rover bot thingy. Hopefully on tuesday we can finish up any flaws on the design that we may have in the later process when getting over the ramp

Think today we are going to be continuing our design on the claw and then working on how we are going to ge over the ramp and hopefully get the claw to get the bottle in the container and carry it across the ramp.

Think today we need to make the bot be able to go over the bump and once we figure out a simple way for the bot to successfully go over the bump we will work on having it pick up the bottle and have it carry the bottle and container across the bump.

Think I think we are going to continue working on how to get over the bump and continue our strategy from there on

Do we put the hill on hold and worked on the claw arm because it isn't strong enough to lift the water bottle

Think today we are going too be doing the video for our page and finishing up what we need to get done to finally get over the ramp and pick up the bottle then carry it over the bump and get back to base camP

We ended up having some trouble when we lifted the water bottle and the whole robot tipped over when we tried to even lift the bottle and that made it impossible for us to put it in a container to take to base camp .

Today we are going to do a time trial and test the robot with our counter weight on the back today a d make adjustments if needed to fix anything if it doesn't work

Today is the last day and sofar we can barely get over the ramp and we can't lift the water bottle so we are just going to take the grade we get

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