About me By:Angel

I was born on Fort Riley in Irwin Army Hospital. I was a failure to thrive baby. I almost died at three months because my mom couldn't get me to eat. The first time I went out to my grandmas house my brother would not let me go in the house until, he took me to see the cows next to my grandmas old house. He stood there mooing at them until the cows mooed back at us.

I have one brother, a half sister, and half brother. I'm the youngest of four siblings. We do not always get along but we always have each others backs. Being the youngest is not very easy you get picked on a lot. I was used for practice on a lot of things.

I was always getting asked about outfits and who they should talk to. It was like I was their conscious. They would come to me for the problems or just to vent cause a lot of times I was to young to understand what they were talking about. They thought it was easier to vent to me because I would not be able to go tell. I would not even be able say anything to my friends about it because I would not know how to explain it.

When I was younger I was scared to death of storms and if we even got a little bit of thunder I would get really scared and start crying. My brother normally would hear me before I would finally get up to run to my parents room. He would take me in his room and wrap me up and put on cartoons until I was able to calm down or until I fell asleep. My brother has always been my best friend and looked after me on one of my worst days I had got in a bike accident where my tired had slid on glass and the tire scratched up my entire right side. I was with my friends playing and they just stood there staring at me they did not even bother to get my dad when we were right outside my house. When my brother got home he saw me laying in the room and the first thing he did was ran to the back door and get my dad then he told my what I thought were friends to go home.

I enjoy watching sunsets in the morning. I love how it lights up the sky with different colors. I love to just sit and listen to the crickets talk as the sky peacefully goes to sleep. The way the sunset highlights the trees in the horizon line is just so peaceful. I love smelling the fire when we are having bonfires.

My favorite thing to do in the summer is to go to the lake and camp and go fishing with my friends and family. My favorite place to go is to Missouri and hangout at the lake in my cousins back yard. My three cousins, brother, and I would go out and float around on the raft as we shoot the BB gun at the trees, fish and just joke around. Sometimes we even just anchor it down and we just push each other off and jump off it, in a line and see who can jump the farthest. Sometimes we are even allowed to swim out when it is lightly raining.

We often go walk around in the woods and see what we can find. One time we saw a big fish jump so we decided to go fishing. I've always had fun with my cousins because even though I was the only girl my aunt never allowed the boys to treat me differently. We would have nerf gun wars in the basement. One year we were just messing and we did not realize there was a BB in one of the guns and my brother got shoot in the back from a close distant. We were not allowed to play with them anymore until the parents checked them first.

A lot of the time we would go out on the 4 wheelers on the trails and on the dirt road around the lake. One time it was the first time I was allowed on one alone and I had drove the 4 wheeler right into a tree because I didn't remember how to turn. I was so scared I thought I messed up the 4 wheeler I thought my uncle was gonna be mad at me. Later that day my brother and cousins were playing around on the 4 wheelers and he drove right into the tree. He blacked out for a second they thought he had he had a concussion but when they checked him out he was good.

The last time I went to stay at my cousins we played hide in seek in the dark outside and we were hiding in groups to be safer. Around midnight we were told we had to at least come inside for the night. We went into the garage/ game room and we played table tennis and just talked. After awhile we went upstairs to get snacks and something to drink. Then they went and played video games around three in the morning and I went to bed because we were leaving around ten in the morning.

The last time I went to Missouri I stayed at my little cousins house and got to see the new munchkin in our family for the first time. For thanksgiving we went over to my older cousins house and we had dinner there. I got to learn how to drive the Scout. After dinner my cousin got a call from his girlfriend and I notice he was upset. when he got off the phone with her I asked him if he wanted to have a video game match and the rest of the boys eventually joined us. After we were done playing video games we watched Tomorrow Land and the three oldest sat in the chairs. While the youngest (who is only a few months younger then me) and I laid on the bed I ended up dozing off and on during the movie.

When I was baby we had a Lab named Turbo he was my brothers dog. Turbo was a really big told I was told many times that my brother would ride him like a horse that was my brothers best friend when he was little. He was definitely a guard dog when it came to me as a baby and my brother. He got ran over by a truck one day when he ran out of the gate because the landlord left the gate open when he left. The police had brought the collar to the door when my mom had laid me down for a nap.

We had a little dog named Foxy when I was about six or seven she was a Pomeranian. She was the fluffiest dog ever my dad would always shave her fur to look like a lion it was so cute. At one point our furniture matched her fur color perfectly so she would burrow into the back of the couch. Foxy was the play around and wrestle. Foxy thought she could beat anything.

We also had a dog name Princess she was my mom and I is dog. She was mostly my moms dog though. She was a brown lab mix if I remember right. Princess was always wanting to just curl up and sleep. Princess was an adorable little dog.

At one point we had a black lab which we never really got to name because we had to get rid of her with in the first week we got her. We got her to try to replace Turbo. She had decided to rip up our furniture while we were gone. The day we came home and decided we were getting rid of her. Also became the day we decided we were never gonna try to replace a animal again.

Pomeranian Huskies have been my favorite animals since I was 10 years old. I've always wanted to have one as part of my family. They are extremely fluffy and they have the prettiest eyes I have ever seen. They don't get very big since Pomeranians are small dogs. Pomeranian huskies only get to 30 pounds at the most and they don't get more than 22 inches tall.

The oldest cat in my grandmas house was Rosie, she was a calico cat. She was extremely soft and very fluffy. She had been apart of our family for 26 years. We got Rosie when I was five years old. We had to put her down due to old age.

The oldest cat in my house is my grandpa's cat boots, he's a chubby cat who thinks he can eat a lot. He will still try and curl up just on your arm. My grandpa first spotted boots when he was delivering meals to his owner. He went to visit her on one of his meals runs and he asked her if he could have one of her cats. She told him he could just come get one so he picked out boots himself. He loves to steal headphones and play with them. Just the other day he stole my cousins headphones right out of the pocket of her backpack, that was left open when we were doing homework. He is not one to just be picked up or made to do something. If it's not his idea it's not gonna happen with out a fight.

Midnight is my brother's cat he is a full black cat. We believe he is about 3 years old. We got him from a lady in Junction city, Kansas who provided us with everything that was needed. He is a very jumpy cat because her son was abusing the cat. Once he gets to know you he will come and rub up on you and be in your lap all the time

Madi was a calico cat she was my first personal cat. She would always cuddle with me when I was sick or when it was bed time. She would even try to help me with my homework sometimes. She was all I could ask for then things turned for the worst. One day I called my grandma cause I noticed something on her back legs so she came over to check it out, she told me to have dad make a appointment. The next day me and my grandma took her to the vet while my dad was at work and we had to put her down because she had two tumors on her back legs that was one of the worst days of my life.

My baby girl is a white kitten with blue eyes with a tint of green in them. She is my world and is a very playful cat. When she is completely curled up she looks like a cloud. I named her Marshmallow cause at the time I had two cats named Madi and Midnight and I wanted to stick with M names. Now Marshmallow is the only one I have left Madi passed away and we had to get rid of Midnight because my grandpa was playing to rough with him. He forget Midnight is older then the baby. So he has weaker bones and gets tired easier.

Our moms have known each other since high school. I became there moms little girl that she never got she has three boys. They were also taught not to zero me out on things we always played board games together and played around in the back yard. We would wrestle in the living room. We would get to have coffee in the mornings it was the only time I was allowed to have coffee.

The only time I was put out of things was at night, I was not allowed to sleep upstairs in the boys is bedroom. When I did stay the night they would leave the dogs out and they would cuddle with me at night. As we grew up we came to know each other as cousins. My aunt would stay up with me on some nights when I could not sleep. If it was storming she would stay with me and then when I was asleep she would cover me up and go to bed. We often would run around in the empty lot behind the house.

In the summer when we went to the lake we would play games with teams. I normally got the oldest or youngest on my team. We would have water gun fights and splash wars. We would even have dunking wars and they would help me to dunk them so I would feel good inside. They would normally pick me up instead of just dunking me so I would know to plug my nose. The one year we went to the lake for a long time my mom gained the name 'Lobster' because when we got back she was almost as red as a lobster.

The youngest boy and I bonded the most because when we were little he was growing his hair out to raise money for breast cancer because my aunt had breast cancer. So he would let me braid and brush his hair and he would braid my hair. He was like another girl sometimes, he would often leave the boys and come just play with hair with me so I could still do girly things. The biggest thing that hurt was when he told me he was joining the military I thought I was losing my cousin. I then realized he was fighting for our country I should be proud of him not be dragging him down.

My cousin went in to the military as soon as he graduated from high school. It was hard at first but then I remembered he was fighting for our country. The week before he graduated from basic training his older brother swore in and headed to basic training. They are both my heroes! I love them both and I miss them a lot sometimes. I know in my heart though they are fighting for our country and not only making their mother proud but they are making all of their friends and family proud.


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