Vietnam war JEssica correa p.6

Gulf of Tonkin Resolution( August 10,1964 )-gave a broad congressional approval for expansion for the Vietnam War,President Johnson believed to promote peace and security. It was important because it began rapid escalation of the US military in South Vietnam and the US.
Anti-Vietnam War protest Washington D.C-Students for a Democratic society attracted many supporters after the tet offensive by North Vietnamese. College students were being more aocial md political, soon the college students became the loudest voice of the protest.
Tet Offensive (January 31,1968)-70,000 North Vietnamese and Viet cong forces launched tet offensive,it was also one of the largest military campaigns. It was important because it weakened America support of the Vietnam wat and developed slow process of American military forces, it marked the turning point in the Vietnam war.
My Lai Massacre (March 16,1968)- many soldiers killed many unarmed people from South vietnamese. It considered as one of the most horrific incidence of violence. It was important becuase it became symbolic of the Vietname war to many Americans.
Richard Nixon wins presidency (November 5,1968)-"Nixons the one" , this was one of the closest elections, Nixon was competing against Vice president Hunert Humphrey.He promised to "bring us together again". It was important because he wom the nomination for first ballot.
Nixon and Cambodia (April 28,1970)-Nixon gives formal authorization to commit US combat troops with South Vietnamese againts communist troops. It was important because Nixon declared television audience to military troops.
Kent State shooting( May 4,1970)-it was a shooting where unarmed college students were protesting the Vietnam War at Kent State University. The guardsmen killed four of the students from the school. This is important because this shooting caused the divison of a nation.
Pentagon papers(1945-1967)-it was named after Department of Defense Study. It is important because it contained a history of US role in indochina from World War 2 until May 1968.

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