The Worst Day EVER Amanda kuo

The film is about this couple who met on "the worst day ever". It was a rainy day, at a bus stop, they both got splashed by the bus. Who knew they would go from talking about how shitty this day is, to exchanging phone numbers,texting each other everyday, going to school together, going on dates, and showing their love towards each other. On the most unexpected day, they found their true love. This film will be narrated by the boy, an inspirational film that illustrates the concept of "the best comes after the worst", the day that you thought was the worst, could be the best. Miracles happens, and to him, she was the miracle.

Sometimes you walk in the streets, you walk to school, you take the bus and subway, you're mostly on your phone, so you never talk or even know anyone you see everyday, going on the same path to school as you. But things happen, and you might just get to know people you've never seen before. Everything happens for a reason. The accident that got them both wet and got them swearing, turns out to be a blessing for both of them, and they are grateful to have been through the worst minutes ever.

The last part of the film will take place at the same time and place. but will be a sunny day, when everything's perfect, and they are too busy enjoying the sun and snap chatting, so they never got to talk to each other...they would never know each other's existence.


Script (Voiceover)


(Bus Stop) Boy: I hate rainy days. Today is definitely not my day.


Boy: UGHHH! I knew it! Today is just not my day!

Boy: Again!?

Girl: Shiiiiii-t!

Boy: (Laughs) Same.


(On the bus) Cut/ Boy: And this is how we met.

We went from talking about how unfortunate we are to get wet on a Monday, aka, the shittest day of the week. How we hate rainy days, and how we've never seen each other before, to exchanging phone numbers, holding hands, going on dates and adventures, going to school together every day, and...kissing. / It would've been a totally different story, if it hadn't rain that day.

I would've never found her, if it wasn't the rain, the bus, or the thought of "the worst day EVER". Sometimes, miracles happen at the most unexpected time.

Without the rain, we would never see the rainbow; without the storm, we would never see the most beautiful sunset; without sadness, we would never feel happiness; without embracing the worst, the best would never come.That "worst day EVER". turns out to be the best day EVER. And she...she is my miracle.


shot list

  • Scene 1

Shot 1 - Ext. ELS : Bus stop

Shot 2 - Ext. MS : Boy complains about life

Shot 3 - Ext. MLS : The girl says SHIT and the boy turns to her

Shot 4 - Ext. MCU: The girl looks at the guy and laughs

Shot 5 - Int. LS: The boy and the girl starts talking to each other.

Shot 6&7 - Int. CU

Shot 8 - Int. LS

  • Scene 2 (Ext.) The boy and the girl are in a park

Shot 1&2- LS

Shot 3 - MS : Crossing the river

Shot 4 - LS : Time-lapse

Shot 5 - LS & CU : Overlap

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