8th Grade Peek of the Week October 7th-11th


So many ELITE things happening in the month of October & November!!! Check it out!!!



What's Happening at BCMS This Week?

  • Being ELITE in our 20 Square Feet!!!
  • Girls Basketball Tryouts Begin!!! (3:35-5:30)
  • Tennis AWAY @Mill Creek Park (4:00)
  • Ongoing: Corks Kettle Corn Fundraiser!!!
  • Being ELITE in our 20 Square Feet!!!
  • Girls Basketball Tryouts 3:35-5:30!!!
  • Ongoing: Corks Kettle Corn Fundraiser
  • Being ELITE in our 20 Square Feet!!!
  • BCMS Football AWAY vs. Jenkins County @ 5:00!!!
  • Girls Basketball Tryouts 3:35-5:30!!!
  • Ongoing: Corks Kettle Corn Fundraiser!!!
#WinAndIn #RedskinsOnTheRise
  • Being ELITE in our 20 Square Feet!!!
  • BCHS Football AWAY vs. Toombs County @ 7:30!!!
  • Ongoing: Corks Kettle Corn Fundraiser!!!
  • Being ELITE in our 20 Square Feet!!!
  • Kona Ice Comes to BCMS!!!
  • First Quarter Progress Reports Go Home!!!
  • Corks Kettle Corn Fundraiser Money DUE!!!
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Scholars, Faculty, and Staff will be on Fall Break Monday, October 14th and Tuesday, October 15th!!!
Come out and support OUR BCMS Redskin Scholar-Athletes!!!

What's Happening in 8th Grade This Week???

English Language Arts
  • Read 180 (Romberg/Durrence): In READ 180, whole group instruction will review process for writing an informational essay. In small group, students will work writing informational essays. In independent reading, students will read books on their Lexiles from the READ 180 library and complete reading logs. In APP, students will independently work on selected APP segments to close learning gaps and complete APP logs.
  • 8th Grade ELA (Hills): This week, we will dive into Unit 2: Seeking the Big Picture. Scholars will learn about: determining the central idea, analyzing supporting evidence, determining the author's purpose with several informational mentor texts. Scholars will also examine the Unit 2 grammar standards over active and passive voice and verb moods. Lastly, scholars will begin to research information over the Unit 2 Engaging Scenario concerning concussions.
  • 9th Grade Literature & Composition (Hills/Romberg): Lit and Comp will begin Unit 2: Justice and Equality. The focus for this week is the American Dream: Is it achievable for all? Students will read and analyze selected poems and short stories with a focus on author’s purpose and persuasive techniques. Students will review predicate nominatives and predicate adjectives. Students will learn new persuasive writing techniques including ethos, pathos, and logos. Students will receive both their first and second Reading Checks for To Kill a Mockingbird. Reading Check 1 will be due Wednesday, Oct. 16th. Reading Check 2 will be due on Monday, Oct. 21st.
Our INCREDIBLE 8th Grade ELA Team!!!
  • 8th Grade Science (Herndon/Winkworth/Beasley, Joyner): The central focus of this learning segment is to develop the understanding of classifying matter based on its chemical and physical properties. Chemical Properties refer to a substances ability to react with water or oxygen, its pH level, combustibility, and toxicity. There are two types of Physical properties, quantitative, and qualitative. Quantitative Properties are directly measured properties like mass, volume, density, melting point, and boiling point. Qualitative Properties are properties described with words associated with a physical characteristic like color, odor, luster, texture, ductile (made into wires), malleable (pounded flat), taste, viscosity, conductibility, hardness, solubility (dissolves in water), and state of matter.
Social Studies:
  • 8th Grade Georgia Studies (Sanchez/Styron/Beasley/Joyner):

Social Studies is starting a new unit this week on the American Revolution. This unit will start with studying the French and Indian War and then move into analyzing the causes of the American Revolution. We also have an exciting online simulation game that students will be participating in during Social Studies this week. In the game, For Crown or Colony, students will investigate and determine who is a loyalist and who is a patriot as they navigate through five levels of interactions with characters from the late 1700s.

Georgia History ROCKS!!!
Growing scholars is what WE do!
  • 8th Grade Math (Meeks/Carver/Beasley/ Durrence): Scholars will being exploring the real number system this week.  Scholars will be able to classify numbers, recall perfect squares up to 20 and perfect cubes up to 10, estimate non-perfect squares and convert repeating decimals into fractions.
  • Algebra 1 (Meeks): Scholars will continue practicing operations with radicals as well as classifying polynomials. By the end of the week, scholars will be exploring the operations with polynomials.
  • Meeks & Carver Tutorial: Wednesday 3:35-4:30
Our #WeNOTMe Field Trip to GSU was an ELITE experience for our 8th Grade Scholars!!!
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Our #BeBCMS 2019-2020 Class Schedule!!!

Our 8th Grade Tribe:

English Language Arts
  • Lexy Romberg (Read 180/9th Lit): lromberg@bryan.k12.ga.us
  • Teresa Durrence (Read 180): tdurrence@bryan.k12.ga.us
  • Quincy Hills (8th ELA/9th Lit): qhills@bryan.k12.ga.us
  • Matthew Herndon (8th Science/Math Connections B): mherndon@bryan.k12.ga.us
  • Marc Winkworth (8th Science/Creative Writing Connections B): mwinkworth@bryan.k12.ga.us
  • Sunny Beasley (8th Science): sbeasley@bryan.k12.ga.us
  • Robbie Joyner (8th ESS Science): rjoyner@bryan.k12.ga.us
Social Studies
  • Marie Sanchez (8th Georgia Studies): msanchez@bryan.k12.ga.us
  • Christopher Styron (8th Georgia Studies): cstyron@bryan.k12.ga.us
  • Sunny Beasley (8th Georgia Studies): sbeasley@bryan.k12.ga.us
  • Robbie Joyner (8th Grade ESS Georgia Studies): rjoyner@bryan.k12.ga.us
  • April Meeks (8th Math/Algebra 1): ameeks@bryan.k12.ga.us
  • Miranda Carver (8th Math): mcarver@bryan.k12.ga.us
  • Theresa Durrence (8th Math): tdurrence@bryan.k12.ga.us
  • Sunny Beasley (8th Math): sbeasley@bryan.k12.ga.us

At BCMS We Want YOU to Have It All!!!

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