The Waccamaw Market Cooperative Pee Dee Region

After reviewing the list of provided resources, we decided that MailChimp would be the most beneficial resource for The Waccamaw Market Cooperative (WMC) - Mobile Farmer's Market Initiative.

Why MailChimp?

MailChimp is a popular email marketing provider for companies to integrate their existing email contact list into. It is also a living platform that will grow through time as new emails are captured and stored into the database. This is a templated provider which provides an ease of use for the amateur marketer. There is not any coding necessary to ensure that the emails will become dynamically filled, it will complete that process for them. Also, there are design and layout templates for almost all initiatives that they would be targeting. This makes it easy to use because they do not have to design a layout in Photoshop and have a developer code it to become responsive in an email environment. It will automatically do all of this for them.

Use Cases

There are a few specific use cases that we feel can become a particularly useful tool for The Waccamaw Market Cooperative (WMC) - Mobile Farmer's Market Initiative. For example, each use case with the deployment of MailChimp would serve to ensure that the company is facilitating 360 degrees of digital marketing. The recommendations that we would suggest for the use of this platform would be the following: the construct of an established email marketing list that becomes dynamic and the integration of that with their social media platforms.

Benefits of MailChimp

MailChimp would ideally be used for obtaining new contacts and names for WMC and to build the initial contact list of current, former and prospective clientele. The WMC can facilitate this by obtaining email addresses from their physical market, and also from an email capture on a website. Once that list is created, it is then loaded into MailChimp and stored under the appropriate categorization for its respective marketing campaigns.

For example, if WMC is going to target current customers that they know have purchased something from their business in the last year, that list can be individualized against a list of prospective customers. The purpose behind that is because the messaging to a current customer is going to be far different than the messaging that we would send to a prospective client that has not yet purchased from WMC. Each email template would then be dynamic and fill in the vital elements of the email so that it saves a tremendous amount of time and is consistent throughout all recipients. The email marketing, by way of MailChimp as the provider, provides a consistent and positive reinforcement of the brand and their current offerings. The more exposure that WMC can offer their clientele, the more likely those individuals will be to visit their location and purchase something from them in the future. In addition, we would suggest the use of MailChimp because it will create a 360 degree communication cycle with their clients. For example, when they post something on Facebook, Instagram or any other relevant platform, the email that was deployed to the targeted customer base will then take them to that same topic as posted on social. The same applies coming from the social media networks as the derivative and then being funnelled into an email marketing list. That shared relationship is what is providing the reinforcement, which then will become a large indicator of success of the campaigns.

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