Benjamin O. Nieves Veterinary Doctor in progress


Hello, my name is Benjamin O. Nieves, and I want to share a piece of me with everybody through my portfolio. The main idea of creating my portfolio is to provide some personal experiences, so that business companies can have easier access to my instant background. First, I will present my highest academic achievement. Second, I will explain my work achievements. Lastly, I will share my final goals and how I am planning on pursuing them.


I graduated with my A.A. General from Valencia Community College with plans to enroll at UCF in the Biomedical Sciences Department. Little did I know that there are other paths to achieve my goals while I have some fun taking extracurricular classes.

I enjoy having social adventures and doing something different everyday because it always lead me to meet other people with different minds, and I appreciate and respect different minds and ideas; therefore, I believe that interdisciplinary studies is my best shot at university. My major subjects are Life/Biomedical sciences and Physical Sciences with a minor subject on Psychology. I am currently working on my bachelor's degree as a full-time student at University of Central Florida.

certified vet assistant

People have the tendency to ask small kids: What do you want to become when you grow up? When the question came to me, I already had an answer for it. I answered that I wanted to be a zoologist or a veterinarian. Then, I reflected as I was growing, and I found a passion for medicine; so, I concluded my best shot is to go for veterinarian career.

In 2016, I started working in my area of development, which happens to be in a veterinary hospital as a certified vet assistant. I started in February 2016 as a boarding technician, and I got promoted on May 2016 as a vet assistant. I am currently a full-time certified vet assistant in Veterinary Healthcare Associates.

I get the privilege to have unusual coworkers.

dvm degree

My future goals are clear. I want to finish my bachelor's degree on interdisciplonary studies at UCF to finish my first phase from college. I want to keep moving forward and apply to University of Florida for the graduate's degree on veterinary medicine. After finishing my doctorate's degree on veterinary medicine, I want to have a little of experience in the different areas to settle in the one I like the most. I want to grow on that area, and maybe have my own business to help others willing to experience what I like.

Other relevant certifications towards my career


I had my first experience with animals at the Orange County Animal Shelter which goes by the volunteer name of Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando.

Certified vet assistant

I am a Certified Vet Assistant by the state of Florida.

hbot certified

I am certified to properly use and control the Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment Machine.

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