Benjamin O. Nieves Veterinary Doctor in progress


Hello, my name is Benjamin O. Nieves, and I want to share a piece of me with everybody through my portfolio. The main idea of creating my portfolio is to be of some inspiration and create confidence to everyone as I share my struggles and achievements after all my sacrifices. First, I am introducing myself and informing my doings in the actuality. Second, I will explain my background and how I got to where I am standing right now. Lastly, I will share my final goals and how I am planning on pursuing them.


I enjoy having social adventures and doing something different everyday because it always lead me to meet other people with different minds, and I appreciate and respect different minds and ideas; therefore, I believe that interdisciplinary studies is my best shot at university. My major subjects are Life/Biomedical sciences and Physical Sciences with a minor subject on Psychology. I am currently working on my degree as a full-time student at University of Central Florida.

certified vet assistant

In 2016, I started working in my area of development, which happens to be in a veterinary hospital as a vet assistant. I started in February 2016 as a boarding technician, and I got promoted on May 2016 as a vet assistant. I am currently a full-time certified vet assistant in Veterinary Healthcare Associates.

I get the privilege to have unusual coworkers.

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