Global Warming is Affecting Seals what are the ways global warming affects seals and there habaitat

The seals are located Antarctic Region/Northern and Southern Hemispheres there is a lot of ice. There climate is snowy and very cold. 98% of the seals habitat is ice that's what makes it very cold there.

Global warming is the used to describe a increase in the average temperature. Global warming can change the earths climate permanently. greenhouse effect caused by increased levels of carbon dioxide

3 ways the seal is affected by global warming

(1) They like to hunt for food for in cold climates so if the ice is melting they will not be able to look for food

(2) Global warming melts the ice. The ice is the seals habitat so if it melts where are the seals going to live?

(3)Then the seal population starts to be depleted because there isn’t enough food to go around. Mother’s aren’t healthy enough to feed their pups the amount of milk they need to thrive.

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