Brave Cat and the Enchanted Tree Animated Movie Poster

Working Title: Brave Cat and the Enchanted Tree

Based on The Adventures of the Faraway Tree, Enid Blyton

Genre: Children’s Fantasy/Family Movie

Target Audience: children aged 4-10 with an accompanying adult

Movie Description: A delightful family movie about one brave cat’s adventures up the Enchanted tree. Brave finds the tree when she opens up a book that a silly wizard has left behind in a park near her house. Join Brave on her journey up the branches of the enchanted tree and into the faraway lands of above.

Directed by Ron Clements – Aladdin, Princess and the Frog, Treasure Planet, The Little Mermaid, Moana.

Produced by MOOn Productions

Keywords: Fantasy, Fiction, Disney, Warner Bros, Narnia, Never Ending Story, Frozen

Look & Feel: A mix of cartoon & photos.

Start with movie title, Brave cat and a open magic grimoire. a glow will appear from the book and a tree will grow from it, will create cartoon style, fantasy style doorways, windows and some of the houses that decorate the branches. The background is a simple blue sky and clouds to focus attention on the magical book and the tree. The artwork will be based on the Janet and John 1960’s style so popular with various Blyton publishing runs over the years. Brave will appear beside tree and her eyes grow big as it grows.

Logo research for MOOn Productions Logo

research from

I'm imagining that this movie would be produced by an independent production house. I want a design that's simple, eye catching with the ability to be animated itself - easy to imagine the cow actually jump the moon.. I've always loved the dreamworks fisherman and I liked the play on words that is Moo n productions if I used a cow jumping the moon. So design includes the moon and a cow I've drawn in illustator, the font I've selected seems slightly space age, and colour scheme to work on darker backgrounds. Attached low res version.

Fantasy Door ideas

Fantasy Doors

Top images are various ideas leading towards how I'll enter my tree, give it a personality. I have borrowed from the two bottom images for ideas, recreated the open doors as a way to enter my tree and designed windows and houses similar to the istock on the right as my tree decorations, this includes rendering a tree in photoshop to then cut up into planks, and using simple textures to create my roofs.

Key words: Enid Blyton, Fantasy doors, Fantasy treehouses, Fairy houses

Enid Blyton Books and Fantasy Children Movies

Keywords: Enid Blyton, Faraway Tree, Fantasy Children's Movies, Ron Clement

The movies that most appeal to me are ones like Narnia, Tarabithia, the Mythmaker where the design contains a mix of fantasy and real to life elements, as I think these are more interesting that just a cartoon. Also would need to hire an illustrator if were to look at cartoon people as my drawing skills pretty abysmal.

Photos I've shot in research and for artwork creation

Various elements/photos used, considered and shot in my research, I've clearcut four trees in trying to find the perfect Enchanted tree as the poster specifications don't allow for the tree to be too wide, especially with the way I decided it needed to grow from the book and neither did my camera. Finding a tree I could fit into one composition was a challenge. I tried the chestnut trees at home, visited Awhitu point for the Norfolk pine and Albert Park for the ancient tree to right. The picture on the left became the Enchanted tree and I found this young oak in Cornwall park as driving past. For it's face, after hours of drawing and failing in my inept illustrating I went onto istock and bought the picture below, distorted the shape of my tree trunk to match to the shape of the illustration then used various techniques to merge the pictures together. I love this picture as it's a kindly looking old stump.


I needed the tree face to have a clear cartoony look to match the windows trees on the otherwise realistic tree and cat. Otherwise there wouldn't be a clear meld of cartoon/ realism.

The one sketch that survived - bad habit of ripping these up when don't like, never got as far as tire swing or hammock as decided superfluous to the piece. Would have liked to have created a path, but, time constraints.

Animation Sequence

Constraints and Restrictions:

Poster is 1920-1080px and 24 secs long. Design needs to be tall and skinny. I'm thinking the title will pop up at beginning and end of reel. Constraints are time to produce, creating original artwork takes time. If could have used video footage would have set up Brave walking and to have her walk up to book, sniff and knock over, but then working with cats would slow one down too!

I also slowed down the Opening sequence a lot as wanted the title to be fully readable to a child's eyes as well as to an adult.

Music was created using garage band - with more time I'd have liked sound effects to be attached to animation parts such as to the windows and houses popping up and to tree's growth out of the book, but went with trying for fairy style piano music to accompany entire sequence.

Tutorials to watch/watched / Research didn't use the day/night technique after all but it was an original thought for poster's flow.

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