Name: Kimia S

Age: 16 / 10th Grade

I am a girl of hopes. Hopes of achieving higher, and more of what I love. Between all the dreamers who try absolutely everything to realize their passions, I am the most fantasized one. By creating a whole other world in my own head, I can make everything happen in a certain way. I do it to fascinate, dream, and calculate my steps ahead. In another word, I handcraft mmy happy place with caution and creativity. There is, in fact, somewhere I can't refer to without getting a smile on my lips. To be honest, this is my definition of "Zoning out", but I am sure that this is something unique and specific about me that I'd like to keep in order to always lift my spirits up.
pre·ten·tious. [prəˈten(t)SHəs] ADJECTIVE attempting to impress by affecting greater importance, talent, culture, etc., than is actually possessed: "a pretentious literary device" synonyms: affected · ostentatious · showy · overambitious ·
Where I come From:
I come from a busy (polluted) town called Tehran, in the country of Iran. I was born and raised there for 12 years before moving to Canada. All of my childhood memories were created and developed there, all the firsts a person could experience. The city has changed a great deal in the past 4 years, but it still beholds my most valued memories. Above, you can see the picture of Damavand Mountain, which was the front view to my house for all the years I lived there. It was a beautiful place to go hiking on, and always experience the first drops of rain or snow.
An obsession...


Even though my interests can't be summed into 2-3 groups, one of my greatest priorities and important factors has been, and will always be, the presence of supportive friends and family members in my life. I look up to them, and would be able to count on them at anytime.


I adore pets... every time I have had a pet, I haven't stopped at anything to tale care of them. My preference are puppies, and a certain type at that --->


I care greatly about my ppeaance, hygiene, and sense pf style and fashion. That is why I take great interest in the trends and always choosing the best style according to my body and self.

Movies, Books, and Songs

Favourite Movie At the Moment

Oscar moment everyone has been talking about ;)

An emotion, erratic movie that kept m on the edge of tears for a whole 2 hours. Powerful, inspirational, and extremely extraordinary.


These Days - Mike Stud

Pink Matter - Frank Ocean

This song is what got me through some of the most stressful times in my life.

Doostam Hastan - Behzad Leito

My favourite persian artist, and someone I relate to day-to-day

4422 - Drake

One of the best, newest, and trendiest songs out there right now.


Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte
If you ever looked at me once with what I know is in you, I would be your slave.

Wuthering Heights is one of the most moving novels written at all times. Bronte dignifies and challenges the hurdles of the era by displaying the cruelty the times were showing the people, and twisting it with a tragic romance only increased the intensity and effectiveness of the novel on the readers.

Hobbies & Sports!

"I adore dancing"

Hip Hop

I've grown up, and matured with it. By taking classes since I was 5, I believe that I have developed a great sense of rhythm in myself.

Photography is another passion of mine. It requires a great amount of focus, time, and patience. But all the while, I can never get enough of my cheesy photo shoots
The world has never learned to be kind; so look out for yourself, cause no one else will.


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