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Our Nile River provides water. This water is used for watering our crops. It is also used for raising our animals. The fish are from the Nile River. The fish provide food and protein. Ship building industry's center on the Nile. The ships are used for transporting goods from town to town. Our Nile River forms the backbone of modern day Egypt.

One major landmark in Egypt is the pyramid of Djoser. The pyramid of Djoser is built for the pharaoh Djoser. The pyramid looks like a giant set of stone stairs. Pyramid Djoser is the oldest pyramid in Egypt. Another important culture is the great sphinx's. The great sphinx's looks like a big stone lion.

We do something very cool called the mummification process. The first step to this process is to wash the body. Then remove the organs. Put a hook up the nose to remove the brain. Then we put the body in salt for 70 days. Then we cover the body in resin. Then oils. Then we put more resin on the body. Then we wrap the head,toes,Fingers And feet. Then we cover the body in resin again. Then more oils. Then resin again. Then the mummy is put in something which is called a sarcophagus and put it into a tomb.

Ancient Egypt has many important monuments. For example the great Sphinx. Ancient Egypt attracts many tourists. We use the Nile River for many things like water for our crops and water for us and our animals. Our tools are made out of bronze. our tools are also made out of basalt.

King Tut is our ruler.He ruled at a young age and needs lots and lots of help ruling over us. King Tut also owns many golden things. For example a golden chariot. King Tut is a very important person. King tut has many things built in his honor. King Tut has many servants.

In Egypt the rich and the poor wear similar clothing. We make most of our clothing out of linen witch is a type of fabric. We make light fabric out of a flax plant. Women wear simple long dresses. Men wear loincloth skirts,shirt like tunics.

We as Egyptians produce a wide variety of fruit. We also had a wide variety of fish,onions,bread and milk. We also crush grapes to make wine. Our food was also often cooked outside because it is so hot in Egypt. We as Egyptians make lots and lots of bread in a lot of different variety's.

Farming is another word for agriculture. And agriculture means growing food. But it is not just us growing these crops the floods help us out. When the floods come in the water there is silt and when this silt gets on the land it makes the land fertile. That is what causes us to have a surplus of food.

These are pictures of our culture!!!


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