• Date: 8 of October, 2020
  • Place: vereda Peñas de Boquerón, Sutatausa - Cundinamarca, Colombia
  • Settlement: Rural
  • Responsible organization: AbbaCol Foundation
  • Target population: Rural Sutatausa population: men, women, youth, adolescents, children, elderly


Sutatausa is a municipality in the province of Ubaté in the north-eastern part of the department of Cundinamarca. It is located 88 km north of Bogotá, in a landscape of transition between the sabana of Bogotá and the Ubaté Valley in the Cundinamarca-Boyacá highlands of the eastern Colombian Andes. Currently this region presents medical needs which are: shortage of medicines, there are not the necessary number of doctors available in Sutatausa and the nearby villages of Sutatausa, there are no hospitals that have all the necessary health implements, there are not optimal roadways between the villages that connect with Sutatausa for a good transport of patients or sick people.


Abba Colombia Foundation together with the mayor's office of Sutatausa and other humanitarian agencies held a medical health day. This Colombian population is currently in precarious conditions and most of them have few economic resources to receive good medical attention. In the village of Peñas de Boquerón and the other 13 villages near the town of Sutatausa there are no adequate hospitals to attend the population, there is a shortage of medicines, hospitals and medical equipment. During the health day Sutatausan people arrived at the village to receive controls and general medical assistance and free delivery of medicines. In general most of the Sutatausan men work in mining, these types of mining jobs can not only produce occupational diseases (for example, exposure of workers to chemical pollutants such as silica, coal dust, or physical pollutants such as vibrations, noise among others), this makes the population in need on more attention and continuous medical care for a better quality in all Sutatausa villages. To provide immediate relief, Abba Colombia Foundation joined forces with other humanitarian agencies to assist more than 200 people in rural communities of Sutatausa, including women, women with children and babies, men, young people and mine workers.


Abba Colombia Foundation, together with other humanitarian agencies, carried out this health day with the following specifications: a rural school in the village of Peñas de Boquerón was adapted with 6 medical offices where each person's blood pressure was taken, as well as vision and hearing tests and general medical consultations. Three doctors and seven volunteers specialised in medical health attended to the community's health issues. The entrance to the medical consultation was done under an hourly appointment order so that each person had the attention required by the doctors. Appointments were scheduled from 8am to 4pm. Due to the current pandemic COVID -19 each volunteer and doctor used personal protection equipment like mask, when entering the place also counted with all the mechanisms of hygiene as alcohol and antibacterial.



- Obtaining funds to purchase medical mobiles has been a challenge and Abba Colombia Foundation depends on donations and time from different humanitarian agencies, this is why AbbaCol Foundation is trying to reach out to humanitarian organizations at a national and international level to build a stronger financial support base and have its own medical team with medical mobiles.

- The three doctors who volunteered to participate in the medical day presented more appointments from people who were not scheduled, this caused delays in the initially prepared schedule and physical wear and tear from doctors.

- Having a mobile medical car meant that more people from the villages wanted to be attended without registering first, which caused the health day to be extended.

Available factors

- The support of volunteers and the community has made it possible to provide care for the population of Sutatausa.

- Cooperation with other agencies, as well as with Sutatausa Mayor’s office

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