Coming Together Company lunch

CEO and upper-class management are the high class members of a company or business, that typically thrive off of an extra dollar and don't really care about their people. The employees that are the backbone of any and all industries, typically your middle class American workers are the people that do everything that makes the management their money, and are often the ones getting screwed over to preserve a little extra doe. If we can bring these groups together and allow the management to get to know the people of their company and know their stories and background, perhaps they will begin to care and stop worrying about their money as much.

Without diversity, culture, differences, and variety and we were all the same, then it would be a mundane world, lacking of interest and cooperation among governments, society, etc. If everyone was the same then you couldn’t learn more if there wasn’t anything more to learn from.

Studies show that diversity helps people advance and innovate. In the article How Diversity Makes us Smarter, .People who worked with their own race didn’t work as well as people working with people of other races.n

In the article “Schools and businesses should promote diversity” it says “if schools have little to no diversity it can affect students in later life ,but if they do have diversity they will show greater citizen engagement.”

Suppose a life of identical culture, where everyone had the same intelligence and perspective. We would all think equally of each other. Looking up to no one, and having no one to look up to. There would be no mentors to help you negotiate life and its harsh struggles. We would be closed minded, taking nothing new away from any situation and not growing as a person from anything. There wouldn’t have been great minds of the past, just minds. Closed minds that are too narcissistic to see the beauty of our differences.

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