The Bodybuilder The Hillside Baptist Newsletter


Though we typically celebrate the Lord's Supper together the first week of each month, we've been making it a practice to push it an extra week when the first Sunday falls during a holiday weekend. The idea is we want as much of the family as possible to be with us for this as possible. So, Communion will be on July 12th rather than the 5th.

Pastor Rob and family will be out of town from July 1st through July 8th visiting family and having some time away. So contact our wonderful office staff for any inquiries or info needed and as always the elders are available for emergencies that may come up.

We have a NEW MISSIONAL COMMUNITY! Jake and Jacque Schumann along with Becky Grunden have multiplied from the Grunden's group and they've been meeting for a few weeks now on Tuesday evenings at 6. What a blessing and a sign of health! God is good!

Opportunities This Month

Children's Church is something that isn't required scripturally speaking. However, it truly is a service to the young families among us. Any of us with youngsters know that sometimes there aren't many breaks and it's refreshing to be able to come and pay attention and worship with other adults. So if you're interested in helping out and joining the Children's Church rotation, please let the office staff know via email at office@hillsidebaptist.org and chat about it.

We're helping stock up the Amen Food Pantry throughout this month. So, each Sunday, and throughout the week for that matter, you'll see a big blue barrel as soon as you walk in the front doors. Drop your non-perishable items in there and help support our community by feeding those in need.

Spend time in daily prayer for the new missional community. Pray for Jake, Jacque, and Becky as they embark on this new journey. Pray for their wisdom, excitement, heart for mission, and love for Jesus. Pray for those that attend the group in the same way. Pray that God would use them in amazing ways in our town.

"For I tell you, unless your righteousness exceeds that of the scribes and Pharisees, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven."

Matthew 5:20