photograph By: Traveon conell


they are walking to the park
practicing scripted


eye picture
he is sneezing


a stroll in the park
looking for his bike

black ad white

looking at the houses for shopping
duck is looking to find a mate

leading lines

on the track
I'm under the bleaters


good day to look at grass am I right
looking at a couple

viewpoint high

swim away little one
it looks like i see somone

close up perspective

what are you looking for
who can i give this to?


hello from the otherside
under the bleachers


he is sad because someone said that he was ugly
this kid is awesome you should give him a chance


looing at the track
look at the water sprinkler thing what ever it is


too late to the consetion stand
how did this cute and handsome boy get here?

rule of thirds

she was trying to walk away from a boy
for you girls

Experimental Shots (What do you have that shows creativity

the ducks are moving
found my mate and now im going home

Your favorite pictures with a description of why it’s your favorite. (It does not have to fit any particular composition rule) x (3)

i think it is just a good picture
this is also a good picture
i like this one because it is far away but it is a good picture and it has a duck in it

Rule of 1/3’s:it is like having the picture and it is on ether side of a box instead of having the picture in the middle like most people have them.

Balancing Elements: means to like have like some colors balanced so for example if you have too much yellow it would not look that good.

Leading Lines: it has lines in the picture

Symmetry & Patterns: like you could have like a curb turning in your picture or on the track you could take a picture of this

Viewpoint: like taking a picture straight ahead you take one up high or one down low

Background:In photography the background is the part of the overall scene. It's behind the main subject of the photograph. Proper design and use is crucial to photographic success. Recent trends minimize backgrounds, where possible, to focus on the main subject.

Depth: of field is the amount of distance between the nearest and farthest objects that appear in acceptably sharp focus in a photograph. A preferred selection Depth of field ("DOF") in a focused subject in an image can be quite subjective.

Framing: it is like having your main subject in a box or rectangle

Cropping:Cropping is the removal of the outer parts of an image to improve framing, accentuate subject matter or change aspect ratio. Depending on the application, this may be performed on a physical photograph, artwork or film footage, or achieved digitally using image editing software.

Experimentation: Types of Experimental Photography Techniques. An experimental photography technique can be defined as anything that one uses to alter or otherwise change a photography in a way that differs from just taking a photograph. Often, the phrase refers to darkroom developing techniques.

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