Video Club By Felipe beltran

The leader of the great Video Club is the one and only Zhon Kuraspediani
Did you Know? Directors make as little as 11,000 each short film. The director George Lucas made 170 million dollars in 2008 alone.
Making short films can change the way others view the world, either positive or negative

The purpose of my advertisement is to try and get new recruits for the Video Club.

The target for the ad is to try and get very creative students.

Example of ethos is giving credit to the club’s great leader Zhon Kuraspediani.

Example of pathos is giving a reason to join the video Club, which is that you can influence people either positive or negatively.

Example of logos is giving examples of how much money people like George Lucas make. Or how much money you can make in the video industry.

I feel like the people can have the opportunity to want to make not only their life, but other people’s life better.

Created By
Felipe Beltran

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