Paradise Resort Ceo/Founder:Alex Wilcox

Paradise Resort "Where Relaxation And Comfort Is Key"
Paradise Resort's Mission Is To make everyone from there own economic classifications feel welcomed for their time of stay. We pride ourselves in making sure that our clientele are well taken care of , with great hospitality and respect from our staff.
Paradise Resort's Vision is to soon become an substantial company and hope to grow tremendously as we serve our guest to the five star standard that they all so very much deserve. In a spans of ten years we soon to be a global franchise and have various locations across the U.S.
Target Market: Paradise Resort has a quite Vast target market Reason being is because our resort excepts all economic classifications, and have no discrimination towards any lower classed people we have differentiated room prices that coheres to our clientele's budget plans.
Customer Needs : First And Foremost at Paradise Resort Every Staff member knows the key things to great service and at paradise lounge it's Having an Emotional Connection To Them Changing there Lives, having a clean room , Remembering Loyal customers and making them feel at home, Great Food And Activities Theoughout there Stay ,
Competitive Advantage:What's Special About About Paradise Resort Is Apart Of You Fee When You decide to stay with us we designate a Certain staff member with you to help you have an great experience. They will help you be comfortable and keep you updated on all of your daily routines such as (massages,tanning sessions,yoga,dinner, and much more)
STRENGTHS: -Low end prices, All Fees Are Paid Up Front, Have Vast Amounts Of Amenities, Multiple Partnerships. WEAKNESSES: -Lack Of Promotion , inconsistent managements, Other Resorts May Have Lower Prices, Employees May sometimes lack enthusiasm.
OPPURTUNITIES: Partner With Disney World, We Scope A Great Expansion to be global in a decade , Partnership with multiple company's to grow stronger financially. THREATS: Low End Hotels and motel ,websites that finance trips, Resort Prices.

SWOT ANALYSIS SUMMARY : I will continue to have low end prices for my clientele to stay comfortably, and insure that at every location we keep it to where all fees ar paid up front with no extra side fees. Also all locations will have vast amount of amenities and they will continue to keep those posted on a daily basis. We will work on making promotion more of a imparative thing to do making this our main focus would increase the amount of our clientele, and keeping our prices down and affordable so other resorts won't have an advantage over us. Including that we should hire more enthusiastic employees to help build our franchise. We are greatful to partner with Disney world, also hoping to expand our franchise globally will help us out, and also partnering with other companies to grow financially. To keep from having threats we will decrease the price in stay to be at least equivalent to the amount hotels and motels charge a night.

Paradise Resort Is A Wonderful Place to stay I advise you to tell family and friends to come stay with us we will show you all a marvelous time. Always remember Paradise Resort Is "Where Relaxation and comfort is key." - CEO Alex Wilcox
Created By
Alexander Wilcox


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