5 w ranch Libby Schneider, Elissa Nabozny, Alexis Schmidt, Clarissa Gonzalez Kaila Brooks

In the hills of Wyoming you will find luscious grazing ground, a new high quality wool and meat breed of sheep on the famous Wonderland Ranch and the women who run this operation.

South African Meat Merino Rams x Border Leicester Ewes

South African Meat Merino

  • dual purpose breed
  • meat quality
  • wool production; finely crimped & soft
  • shorn 2x/yr

Border Leicester

  • dual purpose breed
  • known for meat production
  • produced prized wool
  • shorn 2x/yr

Breeding program

  • Bred by the end of August
  • use marking harnesses to see which are open
  • synchronize ewes using CIDR's to lamb in February
  • Using Rams for natural reproduction
LOCATION: Albany County, Wyoming
  • Great Plains: short-grass prairie, cottonwoods, shrubs, rivers
  • High elevation supports quality wool
  • Between Fort Collins, Colorado & Billings, Montana

The nutritional program at the 5 W Ranch incorporates every necessity our sheep need to maintain a healthy pregnancy, birth, growth and finishing stages that they will go through during their life.

  • pasture during lambing & supplemented
  • mineral feeders in pastures; truckload of complete mineral package
  • Ewes will be rotated on pastures
  • During their last trimester ewes will be supplemented with a high energy diet
  • When the lambs have reached approximately 15 days of age, creep feeders will be introduced to the lambs.
  • high grain finishing ration; distillers grain from a local distillery mixed with corn
  • new additions will be isolated
  • all lambs, ewes, and rams will be ID’d with a tag:Each newborn lamb will be tagged; left ear being a female and right being a male
  • vaccinations for reproductive diseases
  • crutched . ultra sounded and sorted
  • The treatment of parasites will be done strategically and periodically. Keeping a natural resistance to parasites is important
  • docking tails, castration, and implementing another round of vaccinations
  • Predator control: Great Pyrenees dogs will be used to protect the flock
  • perimeter fence is woven wire & cross fences are electric wire


  • Sell to slaughter houses that sell to niche markets during peak ethnic holidays & winter resorts in the northern states and Canada
  • peak months for ethnic holidays such as Passover, Easter, Cinco de Mayo etc.: April- June
Our wool will be marketed to growing businesses such as Elizabeth Eakins that produce high end textiles, clothes, fabrics. Major locations are California, Connecticut, and New York
Quote: American sheep have a leg up on its Australian cousins when it comes to wool. Sheep raised in high elevation states like- Montana, Wyoming, Colorado- produce wool thats more tightly "crimped", meaning the fibers have more bends in them. The more crimped the wool is, the better for trapping air pockets; which results in higher quality, more warmth, and more breathability.


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