March on Washington By; SYDNI JONES

Background INFO

  • Political and Social injustices that were happening to the African American community
  • Protests in Alabama
  • President Kennedy's proposed Civil Rights legislation
  • August 28, 1963
  • The Mall in Washington DC


  • Equality for jobs
  • Social equality and freedom
  • Woman rights

People involved - African Americans (men & woman), Caucasians, Community Leaders, Politicians, Civil Rights Activists ,As we as Martin Luther King Jr, gave his "I have a dream" Speech, his speech defined the Civil Rights era. It is one of the most famously quoted speeches in US History.

Obstacles :

  • Social and Political inequality
  • The Civil Rights Movement
  • Racism

To over come these obstacles they did not use violent actions, they tried to over come them through powerful words and speeches.


  • MLK is an American Icon
  • We now have a federal holiday honoring MLK JR
  • MLK's "I have a Dream" Speech is one of the most famous speeches in the US History
  • There are many marches happening in Washington to non-violently protest our current President and his administration
  • ^Woman's March , Tax March , March for Science

-Black Lives Matter & Police Brutality towards the African American community connects to the Civil Rights event.

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