Christmas Journaling Emma Heard #5

Day 1: I can only dream to one day be as faithful and brave as Mary was. I hope and pray that if the time comes, I will be able to be as faithful as her, but I sometimes feel like I wouldn't.

Day 2: I am very thankful to God for everything and I try to every day thank him for everything that he has given me.

Day 3: Joseph and Mary are the embodiment of faith and trust in God. It's really quite amazing to think about. They were willing to give their entire lives, everything they cared about, to raise God's son.

Day 4: I hope I have enough confidence, because sometimes you think you have enough but you soon realize that you really don't. I pray that God will give me faith and confidence.

Day 5: You have to ask yourself, what is really is wonder? Because it isn't curiosity like most people assume it to be. It is the feeling of when you aren't only curious, but having a need to know, amazed by what you could or are learning. It's quite an amazing thing that the world is starting lose.


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