Creation of earth

The Big Bang Theory

The big bang theory was first mentioned in 1927 by Georges Lemaitre it says that 13.7 billion years ago all the matter in the Universe was concentrated into a single incredibly tiny point. This began to enlarge rapidly in a hot explosion, and it is still expanding today. Evidence for the Big Bang includes: all the galaxies are moving away from us.

Christian Theory

Christians believe that earth was made in 6 days and the last 1 was rest this also tells us how we got weekdays and weekend by 6 days be working days and 1 dat being a resting day. Christians beleive tht god created the world and it only took him 6 days and he created everything and is the leader of all and created the first two humans called adam and eve and they were tod not to eat a apple by a snake and eve did iand it created loads of humans.

Differences and Simarlarites

The are many differences and similarities in the two different views of the creation of the world

Differences: Scientific, There was a person that created it,Scientific thoughts,Different types of people support that view

Simarlarites: There both a view on how earth was made, Certain people believe in them, Creative

Our thoughts

I think that the world was created by two objects colliding and making one. If there are religious beliefs for something it can always be backed up or questioned by science, this means that everything must or can be scientific. If God created Earth, then God must have been made by science, therefore the big bang theory is much more realistic and provable. If it were to be God who created it, he did a good job. So many things on it, those things technically being scientific. Another reason, God would be unable to get all of the materials needed to create a planet as sophisticated as the planet Earth and definitely not as quickly.


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