Drew Newman Future Nurse

My name is Drew Newman and I am in school to become a Nurse, but getting a bachelor of science in interdisciplinary studies with a minor in sociology. I plan to help people in hospitals or other medical settings feel as comfortable as they would when they are in their own home. It is important to me for a patient to be treated as if they are in a supportive environment as if family is present at all time because nobody enjoys being in a hospital.

As an interdisciplinary major with a sociology minor, I hope to gain insight about how people interact, as well as different symbols of communication and their meanings. My focus is to have copious amounts of knowledge in many different subject areas and use all of that knowledge by applying it to nursing. With knowledge in multiple disciplines, I will be better prepared when dealing with patients of different cultures, races, and classes to make them all feel more comfortable with whatever situation they are in.

My portfolio will express the reasons for my career choice and how it will help people in the future. I know that my communication skills and dedication to providing prolific care will allow me to make patients' happier in a negative environment. It is very known that hospitals are not a favorite place to be for everyone, so if my presence will make it a little better than it will please me. The group that hopefully will be effected the most by seeing this will be hospitals looking for a caring nurse and patients that have been helped by my abilities to not only provide care but provide comfort.


Personal statement:

My interest in the medical field has existed since I was back in middle school, where I got to experience medicine in an educational sense for the first time. As a high school student, I was lucky enough to be accepted into the medical program at my school, which would allow me to experience clinicals and medical classes from a young age. Throughout high school, I would go on to complete many medical classes and obtain multiple different certifications (first responder, CPR/AED, EKG technician) while also gaining a good amount of experience in clinical rotations. Excelling in these different medical aspects helped to confirm my desire to pursue a career in nursing.

As I was finishing up high school, a school offering an EMT program came in and offered a reduced cost and school accommodated class to obtain an EMT license as I graduated from high school. Since you had to be 18 to receive an EMT license, most of us would end up completing the class while 17 and sitting for the exam after graduating from high school. Thankfully, I completed the exam and at the age of 18 I was a licensed EMT on my way to starting undergrad.

When I began my undergraduate career at UCF, I knew I had the opportunity to get invested in any medical career that I had interest in. After acknowledging what classes had the most interest to me in a specific medical field, I was able to reassure myself that this was the field that I wanted to pursue a career in. Having the opportunity to study multiple different subjects gave me the ability to justify why I knew that medicine was the field for me. The feeling I would have going into a clinical setting or seeing a patient was pure euphoria and the only feeling that was greater than that euphoria was the feeling of accomplishing the goal of making someone feel better and being the difference between life and death or happiness and sorrow for a dying patient. Obtaining those feelings throughout the day would make up for any negative situations that would arise in my personal or professional life.



Drew Newman



Orlando, Florida, 32835

Objective To obtain a nursing job at a hospital with strong ties to the community that can use an accomplished student with a strong aspiration to contribute to their organization


Bachelors of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies and a minor in sociology: August 2017

Current GPA 3.7

Current Student

Lead Scholar


-President’s List (2 semesters) -Dean’s List (6 semesters)

-Florida Bright Futures -Bronze Pegasus Scholar


Hold current certifications in EMT-B, CPR/AED, and Emergency Response


Health Occupations Students of America (Member), Rho Kappa (Chairman/President), Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity (Pledgemaster/Rush Chairman/Brother)


Microsoft Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Word, and Picture Manager; Fluent with Windows and Mac computers.


Meals That Fit

(Assistant kitchen manager/Delivery driver)

Orlando, Florida, 32835

June 2017 till current

Responsible for:

  • Expedite food to customers and acquire more customers
  • Ensure food and kitchen is up to code

South Phillysteaks

(Cashier/Cook/Delivery driver)

Orlando, Florida, 32817

May 2014 to January 2015

Responsible for:

  • Interact and greet the customers upon arrival while taking orders at the register
  • Cook and deliver food, as well as clean up the restaurant at the end of the night

Barr Chiropractic

(Patient care technician)

Fort Lauderdale Florida 33311

June 2011 to August 2011

Responsible for:

  • Patient comfort and interactions upon check-in
  • Administer Electric Stimulation, Ultrasound, Water Beds, and Temp Packs


Course Of Study:

(F2F=Face to Face) (WEB=Online)

Microbiology for Health Professional: Spring 2014; F2F; Study uni/multicellular microorganisms actions

Human Anatomy: Spring 2014; F2F; Study about the human body and what makes them work

Human Physiology: Summer 2014; F2F; Study about the functions of the body

Genetics: Spring 2017; F2F; Study about heredity and inherited characteristics

Pathophysiology-Nursing: Spring 2015; F2F; Study processes of disease and injury to the body

Health Assessment: Summer 2015; F2F; Study how to assess the human body and what specific signs or symptoms mean

Dimensions of Professional Nursing Practice: Fall 2015; F2F; Study what it means to be a Nurse and the responsibilities

Professional socialization seminar: Fall 2015; F2F; Learn how to use resources to obtain critical thinking and stress management skills to be a proficient professional nurse

Nursing Research: Spring 2016; F2F; Learn how to access, interpret, and use nursing research to use in nursing practice

Public and Community Health Nursing: Summer 2016; F2F; Learn concepts of public health and how to deliver these systems to the population

Introduction to Sociology: Spring 2017; F2F; Learn basic concepts and theories of sociology

Social Power & Inequality: Spring 2017; F2F; Learn about current cultural and class conflicts that have developed in society

Patterns of Drug Abuse in Society: Spring 2017; F2F; Analyzed the drug culture in society as well as a brief history of the drug use in society

Courses Planned

Prefix & Number, Title, Semester & Year, Mode

IDS4934 Capstone Summer 2017 F2F

SYP3511 Sociology of Murder Summer 2017 F2F

SYP3650 Sports and Society Summer 2017 Web

SYP3520 Criminology Summer 2017 F2F

When it comes to my course load, I have a pretty wide variety of classes throughout my time in college. The best way to express that is that I have many credits in other majors that I took before I made my final decision on majoring in interdisciplinary studies with a minor in sociology. Knowing that capstone is the class that will tie together all my interdisciplinary knowledge in multiple fields will hopefully help to me to become the most proficient and knowledgeable nurse that I can be later in my life. Due to the fact that my areas of study are health and biomedical science with a minor in sociology, I feel that those topics all relate to nursing and will assist in my eventual performance in the hospital.

There are two major things motivating me to graduate by the end of the summer. Those things are graduating in general and advancing in my life to eventually obtain my ultimate goal of becoming a nurse. It is unfortunate that the way that the education system is currently setup, I am unable to pursue my nursing career currently as an undergrad because I will allot to many credits, which would result in me getting charged 200% per credit. Thankfully, while I was taking classes as a biomedical science major I was able to complete all the necessary prerequisites that I would need to apply for nursing school upon completion of my bachelor of science in interdisciplinary studies with a minor in sociology. I feel that sociology will help me to learn how to communicate and understand the reasoning for why my patients may be acting a certain way, and that my health and biomedical science major areas of study should give me a well-diversified knowledge about the body and the medical field that should help me to be a knowledgeable nurse and a highly desirable applicant when I am applying to work in a hospital.


Content Pages:


The health field is something that has been an interest of mine since I was a very young age. Personally, the idea of being able to help someone feel better than they did at a prior moment is an amazing feeling. Throughout my past 8 years I have gained many experiences in the medical field and those experiences have confirmed to me that this is the field that I want to be involved in for the rest of my life. The first major decision I made in the medical field was obtaining my Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) license (pictured below) when I was graduating my from high school at the age of 18. This license allowed me to see many different people in many different situations as well as learn about situations that you don’t experience. While in college, I did attend nursing school for 2 years and learn much more while in nursing school as well as the things that I was able to see and do during clinicals.

While in high school, I confirmed to myself that medicine was the field for me. I was luckily able to enroll in a special program that would give me the opportunity to obtain and EMT license at the age of 18, instead of waiting till I was that age to first start EMT school. Coming out of high school with a certification of this magnitude gave me a leg up on understanding certain medical aspects that I would encounter later in my professional life.
As a nursing school student, I was expected to complete many tasks such as performing a medication administration by mouth. This includes medications such as pills, elixirs, capsules, and tablets. These types of skills were required of us to show our competency in a practice setting before going out and performing it on a person in a clinical setting. The video below was another example of competency testing to verify I my abilities to perform a physical assessment.


College is an experience where students can flourish as unique individuals. It is a great time to learn as many attributes for your profession and a successful life while attending classes and living in the new environment. I know for me, I was able to gain abilities such as becoming more resourceful, learning how to orchestrate and lead groups of different sizes and becoming proficient at working with other individuals in different departments to accomplish a similar goal. Surprisingly, I was able to accomplish all of these from being an active member in a fraternity. Many successful individuals in the world have Greek origins and I can see why. As a member of my chapter, I took the responsibility of being in charge of rush which required me to assemble a group of brothers who would look out for the best interest of the chapter in trying to gain new members. These brothers all had very different perspectives and opinions of how to get people and the kinds of people that we wanted, but ultimately we were able to work together and sign 20 kids in 2 weeks do to a prior punishment we had to serve before functioning. The next responsibility that I took on was being the pledgemaster, which required me to work with 2 other brothers to help train and educate the new pledges and teach them what being a brother of our chapter means and what we stand for. It is a serious commitment that requires someone to take a large amount of time out of their schedule to lead the new members of the chapter to help take the chapter to new levels.

Being a leader instead of a follower is something that I have always strived for. When in high school, I was not always the best student, but always wanted to make the best of a bad situation. While in detention one day I was able to convince the teacher who punished me that she should sponsor me and help me to organize the first chapter of RHO KAPPA (social studies honor society) that my school had ever seen. Putting in the work to become a recognized organization on campus and regain the respect of a teacher were lessons I am glad to have learned while a teenager, opposed to waiting and learning them as an adult.
As a sophomore in college, I knew that I wanted to have an impact on the organizations that meant so much to me. I decided that I should become the Rush chairman and recruit the next group of men to join our organization and learned more about myself and how to be a leader then I ever could have imagined. It was not until I realized that I needed to lead by example instead of words that I was able to be successful in this position.
As a pledge master for two semesters, I was able to guide and transition over thirty students from being students in a large school, to men that were willing to contribute to society. When I look back at these paddles, I think of all the progress that we made together and how they helped me grow as much as I helped them.


Nursing is something that I have had great interest in for such a long time that it is hard to see myself doing anything else in life. While an undergraduate, I was able to explore different branches of the medical field to try to gauge which field is my favorite. Looking into becoming a doctor was something I thought of as a possibility, but realizing how much I loved and desired the patient interaction that doctors do not get, made my decision of nursing that much easier. It is very common for people to get invested in the wrong field for the wrong reasons, but when I look at a health professional that has been interested in this field since before they can remember, it shows me that they are truly dedicated to this profession. That dedication that I strive to find in medical professionals taking care of me is the same dedication that I have. Ever since I was a young child I have been trying to understand how the body works and how to make someone better physically and mentally. I was truly unaware of how long I had been so interested in this field until I was at my childhood home going through old photos and belongings that showed my long term dedication. Looking back I was able to see how my passion for nursing began and it also became more evident how committed I have been to having a career in this field.

When in preschool we were given the assignment of creating ourselves out of a piece of paper and stick figures. We were given the option to include functional organs as a bonus. Me and my mom thought it would be the only way that I would enjoy doing the project so we made a functional stomach, lungs, and esophagus.
In my high school, we were given a different color pair of scrubs for every year we had been in the program. The green pair were my first pair that I received as a freshman and the blue pair was the third pair I had received as a junior
While in the program at my high school, we were allowed to sign up for opportunities such as the one pictured above. In my third year of the medical program, I was given the opportunity to operate on a cadaver, which was without a doubt one of my most memorable moments as a student.
Most recently, I completed my last clinical rotation in one of my semesters at nursing school. I am in the top right corner with my classmates and our professor. This semester in the hospital allowed me to treat patients and finally be the difference for someone in need. Getting close to a family and being respected as a student was the most rewarding feeling as a student.

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