Emergency Jump Starter and Power Bank Portable Power That Fits In The Palm Of Your Hand

Imagine this for a second...

Camping in the middle of nowhere...

You've just returned to your car after camping in the middle of nowhere.

You're exhausted and it's starting to get dark.

The nearest road is a good five miles away.

Miles away from any roads...

You go to start your car to leave and...nothing. Just the awful click of a dead battery.

Dead battery I hate when this happens...

Even worse the battery on your phone's dead too, you can't even call for roadside assistance.

Sounds like bad news, right?

According to the folks over at Survival Frog, not if you have the POD-X1 Emergency Jump Starter and Power Bank.

Survival Frog - Preparing Made Easy

They say with the POD-X1 in hand you’ll never need to worry about a dead car or phone battery leaving you stranded again.

This tiny hand-held device packs enough juice to jumpstart 20, 12 volt vehicles in a row.

It'll also charge most USB powered devices multiple times over.

Take a look at a few of POD-X1's unique features:

POD-X1 Emergency Charger In Action

Super lightweight: Only weighs 8 measly ounces

Uses super short jumper cables: Say goodbye to long, bulky cables forever

Dependable: Stays charged for 6 months so you can set it and forget

Plus it does a whole bunch more.

See all of the other cool features right here.

Truth is the POD-X1 is one of the most useful pieces of survival gear around; perfect for emergencies, camping, or just around town.

And right now they are saying you can get the POD-X1 for way below the normal price.

People are picking these up at alarming rates before they decide to jack up the price.

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Chad Flick


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