Autumn Term 2 Weeks 1 and 2

We started the week back by looking at a version of a creation story from Ancient Egypt, Ra, the All Powerful! We looked at some others during our reading sessions including a story from Hinduism, Christianity and a science version.
The story about Ra led us to thinking about the ancient Egyptian empire again and all the aspects that would go into keeping it going! There was quite a list when we’d finished...I gave up trying to link them all.
We also looked at a biography of Howard Carter, the archaeologist credited with finding the tomb of Tutankhamen. He keeps cropping up in our class reader by Emma Carroll. We need to look at more facts about King Narmer as we have finally started to think about our historical games based around the time of his life.
Here are some of our initial ideas. We now need to think about the historical accuracy of them, instructions, the art work for them and how they might help people learn more about this period of ancient Egypt!
We have logged ourselves onto Scratch and this week, had a go at creating a simple quiz. Here is one example by a certain kitten lover🤔 who made a times table quiz! If we are brave enough, and my Computing skills are strong enough, we’ll try an Egyptian based game... watch this space... but don’t hold your breath while doing so...
Tag rugby is this half term’s sport to keep us warm.
In science, we are looking at sound. I shall find the photos we took of the children in role as air particles and add them to the next blog. We tried adding a description of how we hear sound but you’ll have to check Seesaw for that one.