WHO AM I? Justin TejADA

Bob Marley is one of my most greatest influence to me

I'm a boy who lived in island most of my life. I like reggae, punk, and island reggae. I lived in an island for most of my life. I also like outdoor activities and sports. My favorite sport is football.

My guardian sees me as a curious kid with infinite storage in my mind for intelligence. And my parents see me as another opportunity for money from the government. Other people who don't know me view me as weird. To conclude, my friends view me as funny, charismatic, and easy going.

When I'm at home I'm more respectful and quiet. I also keep to myself more. On the other hand, when I am around my peers I tend to get a little more rowdy and cynical. In conclusion, when I'm out in public I'm more docile. But for the most part, I'm very calm and easy to get along with.

I want to be debt free. I would like to live a life with enough money so I wont have to worry about what to do to gain money. My future career is to be a stock broker or work as a construction manager. I love to strive to be a person with discipline and reliability. I also like to deal with numbers and situations that include thinking outside the box.

I wear no masks, I'm one person with different modes and moods. Even though I act different around my friends, I bring some aspects of how I act around family, to strangers. So if a person knows me, they know part of how I act around family. If I'm upset, it doesn't take but a day for me to get over it, because that's my personality.


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