All Figurative Languages Kendall Morris

We were required to make a glide show including Figurative Language definitions,terms,example, and a image. This is what I ended with.

Simile : The definition for a simile is that to you have to have a like or as and you also have to compare two unlike things.For example, He looked like he was creepy, but he was smart. It uses Like so it is a simile and it is not a allusion.

Metaphor: A definition for a metaphor is a word that describes a action that is not capable or achievable. For example, My backpack weighed a ton. You're backpack can't weigh a ton because a ton is 2000 pounds.

Personification: Personification is giving a object human-like characteristics. For example, The trees shook off their leaves in November. Trees cannot shake, I am referring to the wind.

Hyperbole:A definition for Hyperbole is a statement not supposed to be taken seriously. For example, I am so hungry that I could eat a horse. You would be exaggerating because you could not eat a horse it is just describing that you are very hungry.

Onomatopoeia:A definition for onomatopoeia is, a word associated with a sound that is named. For example, Robin's fist went pow as he hit the criminal. Pow is the sound of Robin's fist as he hit the criminal.

Allusion: A Allusion is a reference to a movie,book,t.v show, or any other historic reference. For example, "He's a real Romeo with the ladies." Romeo is a reference to the story "Romeo and Juliet."

Idiom: A definition for a idiom is words that are not meant to be taken seriously. For instance, "I woke up on the wrong side of the bed." This means that you woke up mad or grouchy.

Alliteration: Saying words that start with the same letter with usually one or two neighboring words. For instance, "How much would a woodchuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood." The rhyming word at the begging of each word is w.

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