Carboniferous Period By Joe lorenz, Jared thomas, and taylor jenks

This is the carboniferous period also known as both he Mississippian and Pennsylvanian period.

the reason its called carboniferous period is because there were a high carbon in the air.

This period began 359 million years ago and ended about 299 million years ago.

it was during the Paleozoic era.


The dragonfly's in this period had a wingspan up to 2 feet long


Land animals included primitive amphibians, reptiles (which first appeared in the Upper Carboniferous), spiders, millipedes, land snails, scorpions, enormous dragonflies, and more than 800 kinds of cockroaches. showed up in this period.

  • The first animals on land were snails and insects such as the millipede, scorpion, and spider.
  • These organisms came along in the Mississippian age were fairly early in the Carboniferous period.
  • In the Pennsylvanian period Tetra pods started descend onto land. Tetra pods were were four legged animals that evolved into many different species.
  • Tetrapods go on to evolve into early reptiles, amphibians, birds, mammals, and fish

The picture above is closely related to bambo


this tree above has legit scales on it. Mostly for protection against plant eaters of this time period.

Most of the Carboniferous period was made of swampy land. such as in this pic.

All of this swamp land became our coal reserves we use today. It took millions of years to form. That is the dilemma now it took millions of years and we don have that time to make more in any of our lifetimes.


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