Equivalent Fractions

5th Grade: Use Equivalent Fractions as a strategy to add and subtract fractions, compare fractions, and write fractions as decimals.

Use Fraction Tiles to find Equivalent Fractions.


1. Find a FLAT surface to work with your partner.

Sit with your partner QUIETLY.

Mrs. Aldridge & Mrs. Hess will bring you a bag of Fraction Tiles.

1. Build your Fraction Tile Model.

2. Begin finding Equivalent Fractions. For every set found, get up and record it on the matching chart paper.

Think TOGETHER, but take turns recording.

Talk like a mathematician! Use your math vocabulary; equivalent, fraction, part, whole, numerator, denominator...

3. Find as many as you can!

4. Rebuild the Fraction Tile Model. Are all the pieces there? If so, put them back in the bag.

* If you finish early, think of real-life examples of fractions. Draw and/or write them down on graph paper.


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