VACCINE IQ SOCIAL TOOLKIT By Sabin vaccine Institute

The Sabin Vaccine Institute's Vaccine IQ series provides basic information about vaccine concepts like herd immunity, as well as specific vaccines. Please consider sharing the videos and graphics below to spread positive, accurate information about vaccines.


We have provided sample social posts with YouTube links to the videos below. A preview of the second video is embedded below. Click the buttons below each tweet to watch the corresponding video.

Video One - How do vaccines work?

With the rise of the #COVID19 pandemic, there is no better time to increase your #VaccineIQ. @DrBGellin shares how #VaccinesWork in this video from @sabinvaccine. https://youtu.be/-Ths8nbI45U

Video Two - What is herd immunity?

Time to boost your #VaccineIQ! Herd immunity is a crucial component to maintaining public health. @DrBGellin explains what herd immunity is and how it helps protect us from infections. Increase your #VaccineIQ with this short clip on the topic. https://youtu.be/aB6F9PRr3RU

Video Three - Vaccine recommendations and exemptions

Should every person get every vaccine? With the current #COVID19 pandemic, vaccines are on everyone’s minds. Improve your understanding of the basics with @DrBGellin and boost your #VaccineIQ. https://youtu.be/vQwL5wVTPZY

Video Four - Why do some vaccines require multiple doses?

During #COVID19 it can be easy to fall behind on routine vaccines, especially those that require multiple doses. But sticking to the schedule and getting your booster shots is critical to your protection. @DrBGellin explains why in this #VaccineIQ video. https://youtu.be/pJKL05EnCsw

Video Five - The importance of vaccination schedules

#COVID19 is causing many people to miss out on routine vaccinations, but vaccines are the single best investment you can make to protect yourself and your health. @DrBGellin explains the importance of vaccination schedules in this #VaccineIQ video. https://youtu.be/-Bm0CU-6gNs


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Due to #COVID19, global polio vaccination programs have been halted, threatening progress toward eradication. You can help keep this potentially paralytic and deadly disease at bay - @CDCgov recommends all children be vaccinated starting at 6 weeks. #VaccinesWork #VaccineIQ
The MMR vaccine provides protection against #measles, #mumps and #rubella. With recent reports that #COVID19 will put 117 million kids at greater risk of measles, @CDCgov recommends that children, adults and travelers get vaccinated. #VaccinesWork #VaccineIQ
#COVID19 shows how quickly diseases spread among unvaccinated populations. Make sure you’re vaccinated for preventable illnesses such meningococcal meningitis, which causes deadly infection in the brain & spinal cord. #VaccinesWork #VaccineIQ
#COVID19 may be all we're thinking about, but that doesn't stop other diseases from spreading. The pneumococcal polysaccharide vaccine protects against 23 types of bacteria & is recommended for children under 2 and adults 65+. #VaccinesWork #VaccineIQ
During the #COVID19 pandemic, routine vaccinations are falling by the wayside. With how quickly #rotavirus spreads among #infants and young kids, it is important to get babies vaccinated to protect them from this deadly #disease. #VaccinesWork #VaccineIQ
Getting vaccinated against #pertussis, or whooping cough, remains important during the #COVID19 pandemic, especially for expectant mothers. The vaccine offers your baby protection for the first months of life until they can be vaccinated themselves. ⁠#VaccinesWork #VaccineIQ

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