What I know By ella

What is science to me? To me science is study's of the unknown and known such as Earth, Stars, Body systems and physics. Science is the study of life everything that's living and none living. We learn these things by experimenting and observing.

Science can study rocks by seeing what type they are by looking inside and observing the outside. We can also study inside animals by dissecting them taking there DNA and observe there actions. Something science cant study are opinion because its what you think not what people think its what you think. Science cant prove ghost are real or fake because there are no real proof.

A behavior of a sea turtle is they hide there eggs in the sand to keep them warm and safe from other people or animals. A structure of a sword fish is that they have a pointy nose because it helps them aim better and can probably be used as a weapon when they hunt for food. A structure for a husky is that they have thick fur so they can stay warm in the winter snow. A structure for a frogs long tongue is that if they need to get a fly in air it an catch it if its far away.

A reason to why using a model could be better then the real thing is that a model you can perform the way something dose because if you look at the real thing you cant see it really happen. If you do a model it helps you understand more because it explains with better details and examples.

A system is a group of organs that work together. The systmes are related to the body because they both work together to make the body function

This system isn't related to the human body really but it has something in common. These groups of food have section such as fruits meat candy whole grain and vegetables and dairy. Such as the body systems they both have a group that they go in and relate to each other.


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