Minecraft's Ender Dragon By jacob redick


As you probably already know, the Ender Dragon hatched from an egg. But did you know that the Ender Dragons are an almost extinct race? There used to be thousands of these dragons freely roaming the end. But the Minecraft legend [a Minecraft website made by Notch (the creator of Minecraft)] tells us that when Herobrine (an evil Minecraft super villain) invadved the end trying to destroy it, nearly killed them all off. Naturally, the Ender Dragons fought back. Or they tried to. They had never seen any mobs aside from Endermen, which never attacked them, so they had no need for defense. Thankfully, one Ender Dragon family was able to fight back against Herobrines army. This family had 20 eggs, and only one survived. The egg lied in the ruins of the cave until an Enderman family found it. They took the egg into their care and persuaded their leader into letting it hatch. When the egg did hatch the leader gave up his crown to the Ender Dragon. And the best part is that the Endermen are under the protection from the Ender Dragon from their kindness, and the Ender Dragon protects them. Just like a family would.

The dragon egg

A picture of the egg hatching

The Goal

Like a lot of people, the Ender Dragon also has an agenda. Not many people know what it is, but it has one. The Ender Dragons true goal is to help the get over what Herobrine did to the overworld, and destroy Herobrine himself. After wat he did to the Ender Dragon you can see why. It wants to make sure that doesn't happen to anyone else.

The End

The Ender Dragon will never complete its plan though. Do you know why? Because you killed it. You, the player, the hero, killed it. Does that sound dramatic? Like I'm joking? It should. But you may ask "then why is the Ender Dragon attacking me?" Well suspicious reader let me tell you. It thinks your Herobrine. Herobrine was a reanimated, zombified player. And you are a player the creature the Ender Dragon swore to destroy. And you killed the only hope of killing Herobrine. Now you have to wait years for that hope to come back again. But please, don't kill it this time.

For The LOLs

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